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Shut Up and Breathe!

Shut Up and Breathe! (Book plus 2 audio CD’s and 1 DVD)

Original Price : $49.95

for personal growth, self-healing, and spiritual development on
the planet today! And the author has been focused on studying,
practicing, and teaching Breath and Breathing since 1970!
Wake Up And Breathe! is a new, bright, comprehensive
overview of both Basic and Advanced Breathwork. “A practical
guide to Spiritual Breathing.”

Your free bonus :

Shut Up and Breathe – PDF
How Breathwork Can Relax and Energize You – Video
The Practice of Breathwork – Audio
Lessons in the Practice – Audio

Tantra And Breathwork (Book and 2 audio CD’s)


Infuse a new level of ecstasy into your love life with a deeper understanding of how the breath relates to your sexual energy and how to use both to reach new heights of satisfaction for yourself and your partner.

Original Price : $69.99

Your free bonus :

Tantra Book – PDF
Tantra and Breathwork White Cloud Part 1 – Audio
Tantra and Breathwork Breath Energy Ecstasy Part 2 – Audio

Tantra And Breathwork
Prana Gardens/ Baja Download

Prana Gardens/ Baja Download (Book and 3 Audio CD’s)

This Breathwork Seminar and Guided Breathing Session was recorded on Feb 21, 2014 at Baja Bio Sana in Los Cabos, Mexico.It was transcribed and edited into this powerful resource forstudents and practitioners.

Through his unique, irreverent, and entertaining style, Dan has managed to distill nearly forty years of breathing study and practice into a three-hour transformational experience

Original Price : $89.97

Your free bonus :

Prana Gardens – Part 1 – Audio
Prana Gardens – Part 2 – Audio
Prana Gardens – Part 3 – Audio


How Breathing Can Relax and Energize Body, Mind and Spirit (Book & DVD)

We all love the feeling coming home. It is a wonderful feeling, this feeling of coming home. It is a great sense of freedom when you can have this feeling of coming home everywhere, all the time. And it is a tremendous experience of freedom when we can take this feeling of coming home to a really deep level that is coming home to who we really are, coming home to where we came from, and why we are here.

Original Price : $49.95

Your free bonus :

How Breathing Can Relax and Energize You – PDF
How Breathwork Can Relax and Energize You – Video

Stress and Burnout Prevention (Book and Audio CD)

This seminar took place at the Woodlands Healing Spa & Center for Conscious Living outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, in May of 2013. There is a summary and list of the principles and practices presented at the seminar.

Original Price : $39.99

Stress and Burnout Prevention

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