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This month's OUTRAGEOUS Featured Product!

Breathwork in the Prana Gardens

This Breathwork Seminar and Guided Breathing Session was recorded at Baja Bio Sana in Los Cabos, Mexico. It was transcribed and edited into this powerful resource for students and practitioners.


It is our outrageous feature product this month for only $19.99!
(Normally $49.99)


Through his unique, irreverent, and entertaining style, Dan has managed to distill nearly forty years of breathing study and practice into a three-hour transformational experience.

Read and breathe along as Dan reveals the secrets, applies the principles, and demonstrates the benefits of Spiritual Breathing with those who gathered “under the palapa” that night.

Take notes as he presents a clear and simple protocol and as he gives specific step-by-step instructions for guiding one’s self or others thru a Conscious Breathing Session.

If you are new to Conscious Breathing, this 60-page training “manual” will give you a unique and comprehensive introduction to the Art and Science of Breathwork.

If you are an experienced Breathworker, it will give you new insights, cutting edge techniques, practical tips, and added inspiration on your Path of Breath Mastery!


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