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“Dan’s revolutionary approach to Self-improvement, self-healing, and peak performance.”

For Private Clients or Corporate Groups

Dan offers his private and corporate coaching clients an ultimately unique experience in Breath Mastery.

This program is by application only and is customized to fit each person or group’s individual health, skill, awareness level, and goals.

    Here are some examples of what may be included in your custom coaching program:

~ Individual, Paired, and Group Breathing Practice and Breathwork Training Sessions

~ Video (Skype) or Phone Breathwork Consultation and Training Sessions

~ Regular Q & A and Personalized Coaching Calls and Webinars

~ Personalized Breathwork training catered to your needs

~ Special training events and healing and growth retreats

~ Access to Members-Only Library and Archives…Collection of Breathing Reports, Articles, and Training Materials spanning over 30 years; Seminar and Workshop Audio/Video Recordings, Transcripts, Handouts, and more

~ Training Events and Healing & Growth Retreats

~ Live Presentations, Team-Building Exercises, and Speaking Engagements

~ And more based on what you want to accomplish through this program

(Prices for these customized coaching programs vary.)

Please submit your application to find out more about how a Breath Mastery Coaching Program can help you achieve more in life.

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Become a Certified Breathwork Practitioner!

Do you want to Teach Others the Amazing Benefits of

Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing?

To Find out about the One-Year Breathwork Practitioner Certification Program

Call 508 345-7574 or Email office@breathmastery.com