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What if you could gain access to a global network and team of Breath Masters that are thriving in every area of life both personally and professionally. An what if all of the elite professionals told you a story about how they first started learning how to use the breath as a critical tool to success through a coach. We did and after years of listening and learning we developed the following coaching programs to suit our various Breath Master needs.

If you are reading this the chances are you heard about us from someone you know that is crushing it across all areas of their lives based on what we have taught them. The Breath Mastery Elite Personal Coaching is for those serious about learning what all the greats of our past and present are doing to maximize their abilities today, right now, minute to minute.

This program has been developed for Breath Masters and High Performers that have shared and experienced the following problems in various growth stages with breath work.

Issue #1

Personal & Professional Success Plains Out and is Hard to Channel

Issue #2

This program has been developed for Breath Masters and High Performers that have shared and experienced the following problems in various growth stages with breath work.

Your Inner Potential

The Elite Personal Coaching program is living proof that with over 7 billion people on the planet there are few that believe the path to success lies in unlocking the inner well-being and potential that can be realized with Dan Brulé.

Unlocking Success

If you are the kind of person that knows there is more you are capable of but you have not been able to put your finger on what is missing, that unlocked performance and potential may be closer than you realize.

Next Level Coaching

Your Teacher

Dan Brulé has helped elite athletes, breath workers, business leaders and more unlock their potential and go to the next level through Personal Coaching and Breath Mastery is excited to offer this program for those Students who have been waiting for the right Teacher to arrive.

All Coaching Programs are Custom Developed for the Individual or Groups

Programs Range From:


*The $60K Elite Program is a lifetime commitment on my part, with anytime personal access to private contact by phone etc.

Elite Training – Breathing to get to the next level.

To experience entirely new and different feelings of aliveness…. to learn to relax more quickly and deeply in increasingly difficult and intense situations and interactions… and to access hidden or untapped energy reserves when you think you can’t go on or your battery is empty!

Prepare to Participate

You are probably wondering if you are qualified or are capable in Mastering the Breath. So here are some items that are typically required before you get started and will save you time in failing now rather in the future with our coaching program.

  • You Must Be Committed to Achieving your Next Level and Unlocking your Potential
  • You must be Willing to Put in the Work
  • You must have a real attainable goal and next level to get to in your personal and professional life
  • You must be ethical and have a attitude of care and honesty about stuff
  • You must have the means to enroll in this program

If you or someone you know is ready to Qualify and be coached by Dan Brulé then please complete the following Onboarding Information. If now is not the time and you want to chat more about the program then please click here to book an appointment.