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Online Breath Mastery Practitioner Training

This is a sample course for the Online Breathmastery Advance Course. Please be aware this is not complete and is only meant to be a sample and an example of what can be done. All features are NOT being utilized.



Module 1 21-Day Course
Unit 1 Course Intro
Unit 2 Breath Watchinig
Unit 3 Yawning and Sighing
Unit 4 Diaphragmatic Breathing
Unit 5 Breathing in the Therapeutic Zone
Unit 6 Lengthening the Exhale, the 1 to 2 Breath
Unit 7  Linking Movement and Breath
Unit 8 The 3 Breathing Spaces and the Full Yogic Breath
Unit 9 Burst Breathing
Unit 10 Box Breathing
Unit 11 Reverse/Paradoxical Breathing
Unit 12 Alternate Nostril Breathing
Unit 13 Breathing into the 4 Dimensions of Awareness
Unit 14 Combining Thoughts and Breath
Unit 15 Connecting and Communicating with the Breath
Unit 16 Charging the Heart
Unit 17 Tantric Breathing
Unit 18 De-Reflexive Breathing
Unit 19 Zen Breathing
Unit 20 Fountain Breath
Unit 21 Relaxed Subtle Energy Breathing
Unit 22 Rebirthing Breathwork—20 Conscious Connected Breaths
Module 2 Module 2 - Placeholder
Unit 1 The Two Basic Aspects of Breathwork
Unit 2 The Two Core Techniques
Unit 3 The Principles of Breath Therapy
Unit 4 The Three Questions I ask a Client
Unit 5 The Three Convergences in Breathwork
Unit 6 The Triangle Breath
Unit 7 Three Part Breath (Belly, Chest, Sigh)
Unit 8 The Diamond Breath
Unit 9 Active Inhale/Passive Exhale; Active Exhale/Passive Inhale
Unit 10 Sufi Breathing Practice
Unit 11 Shamanic Breathing Practice
Module 3 Module 3 Placeholder
Unit 1 The Seven Parameters of Breathwork
Unit 2 Playing with the Channel
Unit 3 Anti Depression Breath
Unit 4 Three Breathing Rhythms
Unit 5 Three Phases of a Session
Unit 6 The Energy Cycle and the Life of a Fire
Unit 7 Rituals Before and After a Session
Module 4 Module 4 - Placeholder
Unit 1 Wim Hof Method in a Nutshell
Unit 2 Buteyko Breathing
Unit 3 Holotropic Breathwork: Perinatal Matrices
Unit 4 Kylea Taylor Advice for Breathworkers
Unit 5 Martin Jones’s Holographic Breathwork
Unit 6 Resistance Breathing and Back Pressure
Unit 7 A Spiritual Breathing Sandwich 
Module 5 Module 5 - Placeholder
Unit 1 Review the Cornerstones
Unit 2 The Basic Series
Unit 3 The 8 Paths
Unit 4 Everyday Breathing
Module 6 Circular Breathing
Unit 1 The Importance of Circular Breathing
Module 7 Increasing Awareness
Unit 1 Increasing Awareness Part 1
Unit 2 Increasing Awareness Part 2
Module 8 The Art of Breathing and Relaxation
Unit 1 The Art of Breathing and Relaxation Part 1
Unit 2 The Art of Breathing and Relaxation Part 2
Unit 3 The Art of Breathing and Relaxation Part 3
Module 9 The Map
Unit 1 The Map Part 1
Unit 2 The Map Part 2

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