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Hello Dan,

I am writing to you from the Swynerton Lodge in a town called Navan. My first public event was at Powerscourt Theatre in Dublin Center. We are holding a number of public seminars and workshops, as well as the ongoing Practitioner Program. It’s not too late to join us! For information, contact Marion: Tel: 0875624827

I arrived here from Norway, where we had wonderful gatherings in Bergen and on the island of Tysnes.


Thank you to all our new Norwegian breathers, and to our leading practitioner Lars for coordinating everything. Congratulations to our new practitioner candidates Elizabeth, Julio, and Lina. And thank you to Wendy, Michael and Chana, Saskia and Agne, who came from the USA, Spain and Lithuania. It was beautiful to see everyone making deep heart connections. Breathwork really creates family!

From here, I’ll be heading back to Lithuania!


If you have never visited this beautiful part of the world,

here is your chance!

This is an opportunity for you to master the Basics of Breathwork, catch up on the latest developments in Breathing Training, and do a Breath Mastery Intensive. It is an opportunity to continue your ongoing Practitioner Training, or take a big leap forward in your personal and professional development.

We will be bringing the breath together with physiology, psychology and spirituality. We will focus on breathwork for stress, anxiety, depression, and grief. And we will be practicing breathing exercises, techniques and meditations to expand our consciousness, to increase our energy, and to embody more love and light.

July 14-16: Breathwork for health and fitness, for sports and business performance, and for people working in the healing/helping professions.

July 17-23: Annual Summer Breathing Camp! This year we will gather at a beautiful villa near the town of Trakai. (Information about this venue is here:

July 24-30: Breathwork Practitioner/Apprentice Training Intensive. Our group of Lithuanian Practitioners will be graduating from their year-long training!

For information or to register for any of these events,

contact Loreta:


Special Notice

I have not decided yet, but there is a slight possibility that I could spend a couple of days at the Global Inspiration Conference in Austria, August 4-6. For information about the GIC, visit:



I am really excited about returning to Romania! We will be doing workshops in Bucharest, and we will be immersing ourselves in the powerful energy of the ancient mountains.

You are invited to join us in using breathwork to recharge the mind, body, and soul, to connect more deeply to our spirit, to dissolve and release subtle energy blocks, and to embody more love and light.

Participation is limited! Contact Michelle Pacheco:





I have been invited to Fouré, the Annual Eco

Health and Spiritual Festival!

It takes place not far from Almaty, the

capital city of Kazakhstan.

In addition to my presentation, I will be doing a

Spiritual Breathing Training.

More than 15,000 people are expected to attend!

I hope to see many Russian and Kazakh breathers.

And I invite my American and European friends to join us!

Information about the festival is here:

Contact for more information.



The Event in Estonia is going to be Historic!

You are invited to join us in this Beautiful Country.

I visited Estonia for the first time in 1990.Then I returned almost every year for more than ten years. However, it has been over ten years since leading my last seminar there! This program will be packed with Basic and Advanced Breath Mastery Practices.

For the full program schedule, visit:

For Registration, contact Heiki:



September 1- 5: Reykjavik, Iceland

I am very excited about my first visit to this country!

Why not join us ?

Here’s the schedule:

Aug. 31: Book Signing Party and Seminar

Sept 1: Learn Better Breathing for Better Health

Sept 2: Applying Breathwork for Peak Performance

Sept 3: Rebirthing Breathwork and Spiritual Breathing

Sept 4-5: Private Sessions and Special Evening Seminars



September 7-12: The United Kingdom!


We are a planning an Extremely HOT Program!

Details coming soon…

For info and registration, contact Steve:




Looking forward to bringing Breathwork to coaches and

players, kids and adults!

Becoming Your Best Self

Friday September 22nd,


Saturday September 23rd,

11am – 12:15pm

Sunday September 24th,


Sport Performance

Friday September 22nd,


Saturday September 23rd,

1pm- 2:15pm

Sunday September 24th,


Contact: Jennifer:


October 1-23: Australia / New Zealand


Contact: Angelina or Shane


October 25 – November 2: Martinique


Miracles are happening on this beautiful Island in the Caribbean!

I will be returning to the Caribbean Islands to continue the Breathworker Certification Program, and to offer a weekend program for the general public. You are invited to join us for this event on the “Island of Flowers.” The training begins on Tuesday the 24th at 7pm with an Introductory Seminar open to the public at Bibliothèque Schoelcher Cultural Center.

The training program will be held at Imperatrice Village. Each day you will be taken deeper thru breathing sessions, guided meditations, paired and group activities and sharing. This meeting room is open and spacious and there is lodging available at Imperatrice Village (you can see the place here:

The weekend program is from 7pm Friday the 27th till 1:30pm Sunday the 29th. Our new practitioners will begin applying their coaching skills. Would you like to join the French speaking Practitioner Certification Program? Would you like to come for all or a portion of the program?

Contact Catherine to secure your place:



It looks like we will be offering one of the programs at

Quinta Sao Jose des Montes!

Info about the venue is here:

For registration and information, Contact Michelle Pacheco


If you’d like to organize a workshop or seminar, or if you would like Dan to speak at your event, company or organization, let us know as soon as possible! Contact:


JUST BREATHE: Master Breathwork for Success in Life, Love,

Business and Beyond


Have you gotten your copy yet?

If not, please order it here:

And why not order a couple of extra copies as gifts

for your family and friends!

If you have read it, please send us a review and

post it on!



Launching Soon!


This unique App offers the same features of the most popular breathing apps in the world, and yet it goes much further. This App offers users a step-by-step training in Breath Mastery.

Our team of experts has invested an extraordinary amount of time, money and energy into its creation. The initial version includes over 100 audio, video, and text lessons.

It reveals the three “Cornerstones of Breath Mastery and the “Basic Series” consisting of seven fundamental breathing exercises, techniques and meditations, that until now could only be learned at live seminars, sessions, and workshops.

It also guides users down their choice of Eight Paths, and up through six ascending levels: Student, Apprentice, Teacher, Expert, Master, and Trainer.

The website under construction for the App is:

Later this month, we will make the Breath Tech App available to a small group of students and practitioners, advisors and associates, in order to get user feedback and make any final changes before releasing it to the world. If you would like to be among the group of “beta testers” please let me know:



Looking Ahead to the Premier 2018 Breath Mastery Event!

The Baja Bio Sana Reboot Camp & Breathwork

Immersion Training

Announcing 3 Week-Long Programs and a 21 Day Breathworker Retreat Feb 1-7 / Feb 8-14 / Feb 15-21

All the great masters, saints, and prophets went into the

desert to find inspiration.

Welcome to our Oasis in the Desert!

Register early because participation will be limited to

only 6 people each week!

These three 7-Day Breathwork Immersion Programs will include 5 days of focused training, including one-on-one, paired, and group breathwork sessions with Dan and other trainers.

The program will also include two free days for touring, sightseeing, community activities, and personal time.

We will make use of the healing power of nature, and you will be invited to take part in Baja Bio Sana community events and projects.

All the great masters, saints, and prophets went into the desert to find solace and inspiration. Welcome to our oasis in the desert!

Tuition for these all-inclusive one-week training programs is $4500 USD. This includes food, camping accommodations, and training. (We are offering big discounts for early registration.)

We will also offer a Special 21-Day Training/Retreat from Feb 1-21 for a maximum of 6 people. Three of those spots will be offered to current Practitioners or current Practitioner Candidates willing to assist in the program and work as support staff in partial exchange for the training.

For more information on this opportunity:

Contact Louise at

Or apply directly to


Special Feature!

Here is a link to a recent podcast with

Mike Rosenfeld of True Performance Coaching

Enjoy it, and please share the link freely!


Would you like to be a Certified Breathwork Practitioner?


Enrollment in the Program is open and ongoing. You are welcome to join this One Year Training at any time. Your graduation will be one year from the month that you enroll.

You can take this Online Training even if you have no intention of being a Professional Breathing Coach or Breathwork Practitioner.

We have created this online program for people who are not able to attend the usual four-week training format. And we are using the Class of 2017 to create a new Breath Mastery Curriculum and Breathworker Training Manual.

In addition to the online training, certification requires that you participate in a minimum of one 7-Day Practicum in order to get live, hands-on breathwork coaching/training with Dan.

For more information, or to apply for the One Year Breathwork Practitioner Certification Training, visit: Or contact







There seems to be no avoiding the pain that sometimes comes in life. It seems to be part of the human experience. I can personally attest to this after having recently experienced the greatest emotional pain of my life: the death of my son.

It seems that nothing can really prepare us for times like this. And there is really nothing anyone can say or do to help. And yet, it all seems to help—the love and words of support. One thing is certain: there are things we can learn and do to prevent, reduce, or even eliminate the suffering that often comes with the pain.

There is beauty and joy in the flow of all emotions. It’s the beauty and joy and the flow of life—of aliveness itself. And the fact is emotions are far more painful when we resist them than when we open and allow them. Heartache comes from holding onto our emotions and holding back our feelings.

Emotions arise from within as energy, and unless we suppress them or turn them back onto themselves, they naturally express and release outwardly. And yet, it is not just a matter of either expressing or suppressing emotions.

It’s not about putting on a good face to avoid them or to sugar coat the pain. It’s not about burying negative feelings under positive ones. It’s about opening fully to our feelings and allowing our emotions to flow through us.

When we deny feelings, when we suppress emotions, when we contract against them or tense up around them, we create suffering. And when we harden ourselves, emotions can push us into doing or saying hurtful things, or things that don’t serve us.

It’s really about learning to breathe into emotions, and channeling emotional energy into the breathing. It’s about relaxing the body and quieting the mind. It’s about learning to release physical tensions and guard against negative thinking. When you free the breath from the grip of powerful emotions, you free your body and mind, and you free yourself of pain and suffering.

Notice what happens to the breath when powerful emotions take over. It can be very difficult to breathe. The breath can become completely locked up or frenzied and chaotic. When we meet our feelings with the breath, when we channel emotional energy into the breathing, we relieve the body and mind, and ourselves, of a lot of unnecessary suffering.

You may notice that deep sobbing includes extreme exhales. It is as if your body is trying to squeeze out every last drop of pain that is overwhelming the system… like squeezing a sponge. We can help in this process.

Notice too that a big inhale wants to follow that extreme squeezing out of the exhale, in order to refill the system with fresh new energy. When we surrender, or cooperate with our nature during this process we are able to more easily navigate and weather our emotional storms.

Using the breath to open fully and surrender to the force of painful emotions on the front end reduces or accelerates recovery time on the back end. Fighting with this energy weakens us, robs us of life force, and creates additional suffering.

It’s easy to see that when we think about things, those thoughts create feelings… When we allow the thoughts to pass, the feelings also pass. And so, another important thing is to get a handle on our thinking, especially the “should have, could have, would have” kind of thinking.

In general thinking tends to pull us out of our body and into our head. Thinking can also give an unnatural extended life to emotions. So, it’s best to allow thoughts to come and go, and to consciously focus on simply breathing and relaxing when painful feelings arise.

I found that practicing breath awareness and conscious breathing, and being able to breathe fully and freely when anxious, upset, or stressed in everyday life, and during ordinary times, helped me when overwhelmingly powerful emotions took over my system.

Mastering the ability to open and expand (to breathe in), and to relax and let go (to breathe out), and especially mastering connected or continuous breathing (the Rebirthing Breath) is the key.

It’s also extremely important to remember that pain is not only personal: it is also universal. We cannot become so wrapped up and lost in our own suffering that we forget that every day mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, are lost because of catastrophic illnesses, natural disasters, or insane wars.

Healing happens quickly if we remain connected in love and engaged in life. During the grieving period, it is very important to continue to chop wood and carry water. Dogs still need to be fed, plants still need to be watered, dishes still need to be washed, and the trash still needs to be taken out. Taking care of these things is extremely grounding and therapeutic; and allowing others to see to these things for a time as a way of supporting us is also therapeutic.

It’s good to remember that there really is a silver lining to every cloud, and to consciously look for it or create it! Powerful emotions, whether positive or negative, can crack us open to more love, more compassion, more peace, more joy, and more wisdom.

When we learn to breathe and relax during difficult times, our hearts open, our consciousness expands, and a beautiful space for grace is created, a space for sweetness, humor, gratitude, and for an unshakable peace that passes understanding.

As I was finishing this article, a song by the Byrds began playing:

To everything (turn, turn, turn)

There is a season (turn, turn, turn)

And a time to every purpose, under heaven

A time to be born, a time to die

A time to plant, a time to reap

A time to kill, a time to heal

A time to laugh, a time to weep

A time to build up, a time to break down

A time to dance, a time to mourn

A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together

To everything (turn, turn, turn)

There is a season (turn, turn, turn)

And a time to every purpose, under heaven

And I am reminded of this song by Peter Makena called “Walk in Freedom”:

May you walk in freedom, may you walk in beauty

May you walk in love, may you walk in meditation

May you value truth in a peaceful conversation

May you dance your way to freedom, may your silence fill the sky

May your joy be reflected in your beloved’s eyes

May you be free from danger, may you be free from fear

May your friends see your beauty and may your vision be clear

May you walk in beauty, may you walk in peace

May you always walk in peace


Wishing you success and fulfillment,

And many blessings on your path.



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