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The Full Yogic Breath

The full yogic breath is like filling a glass with water. It fills from the bottom up.

The full yogic breath involves the entire breathing cavity, and it sends a lovely wave of energy through the body when done smoothly and powerfully.

To make the process even more beneficial and enjoyable, imagine breathing light, love, peace, strength, courage, health, etc.

Focus on breathing energy (prana, chi, ki) while practicing this breath.


Sit straight either in a cross-legged position, or on a chair. Spine straight but relaxed. Chin slightly tucked in. Tongue lightly touching the roof of your mouth (where the soft palate meets the hard palate)

1. Send the first part of the breath down to your perineum. Feel the belly expand.

2. Allow the breath to expand into the rib cage… Feel the chest expand from side to side.

3. Fill the top part of your chest. Feel the collar bones rising up toward the chin.

In the beginning you can mentally count: one… two… three… as the lower space, the middle space, and the upper space each fill in turn. In time it all becomes one smooth seamless breath…

When exhaling… Release the entire breathing mechanism at once, and feel the top, middle, and  the lower spaces empty in turn.

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