If you are genuinely interested in Breath and Breathing, I think you will find this to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your studies. I am committed to sharing with you everything I have ever learned about Breathwork. And I will also be including training materials created by others I consider to be among the leading Breathworkers in the world.

Here you’ll discover a treasure trove of information, documenting the history and development of the Modern Breathwork Movement. You will find a huge collection of articles, interviews, training materials, handouts, lecture notes, and transcripts of entire seminars, workshops, course and classes, dating back to 1976.

Many of these Information Products have been sold for between $29 and $149. And until now, many of these files have only been available to those enrolled in Advanced Trainings, and the 1-Year and 3-Year Professional Breathworker Certification Programs. (Tuition for those programs is several thousand dollars. So you have made a wise choice in becoming a Member!)

What’s more, we continue to dig thru the archives and to create new products to add to the site, which means the value of your membership will continuously go up! So, be sure to check back often.

In addition to your free access to all the files, there area a number of other membership benefits. And you’ll be hearing about those in the coming weeks and months!


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[vc_tta_accordion color=”violet” gap=”2″ active_section=”1″ css_animation=”none”][vc_tta_section title=”0001: Insights into Breathwork” tab_id=”1493988622173-3aeabfe5-8588″]

This interview took place in July of 2013. The interviewer is AdreZakrauskaite, a journalist with Raktas Magazine (“Raktas” means “key” in Lithuanian). This is an edited transcript of that interview. In it Dan reveals:

  • His earliest awakening to the breath and the roots of his practice
  • Breathing lessons from his medical and military training
  • Personal teachers, guides, and mentors
  • The connection to yoga and India
  • The everyday benefits of breath awareness
  • Three fundamental elements in every style or school of breathwork
  • A practical formula for breathing practice and for self mastery
  • The deepest effects and highest application of breathing practice
  • How to know which teacher or technique is best for you
  • The link between conscious breathing, health, and longevity
  • Three basic breathwork exercises/techniques that everyone should practice
  • Instruction and advice for attaining the most benefits from breathwork


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0002: Breathwork & Weight loss, And Much More…” tab_id=”1493988622278-bb204cf3-ce45″]

This seminar was recorded at the Woodlands Healing Spa and Center for Conscious Living near Johannesburg South Africa in May of 2013.The topic of the seminar was “Breathwork and Weight Loss.” But as you will soon discover, it was about much more than that.

Along with very practical and unique breathwork exercises and techniques for losing weight, Dan peels the lid off some of the deepest causes of dysfunction and human suffering in general…


  • Welcoming the Trojan Horse
  • Working on the symptom versus the cause
  • Self love, self esteem, and self acceptance
  • Leaping to the idea of physical immortality
  • The 4-minute mile and rescuing a drowning boy
  • Medical breakthroughs and the military
  • Lessons from Stig Severinsen and Leonard Orr
  • A mental diet for weight loss
  • Mastering the skill of “letting go”
  • Learning to breathe energy as well as air
  • Breathing closes the gap between knowing and doing
  • Making use of a coach or a breathing partner
  • Engaging the exhale: the skill of letting go quickly and completely
  • The “energy to effort” ratio and relationship
  • The connection between breathwork and weight loss


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0003: How Breathing Techniques and Breath Training” tab_id=”1494583741469-94147b61-6326″]

  • CHAPTER 1……………………………………………………………..2
    Breathing Your Way Home And Waking Up To Who You Really Are
  • CHAPTER 2……………………………………………………………..4
    Breathwork To Clear Your Head, Settle Your Stomach, Calm Your Nerves, And Open Your Heart
  • CHAPTER 3……………………………………………………………..6
    Using Breathwork To Monitor, Regulate And Change Your Psychological, Emotional, Or Physiological State
  • CHAPTER 4……………………………………………………………..8
    Letting Go: A Basic Skill, And The First Step Toward Breath Mastery
  • CHAPTER 5……………………………………………………………..9
    Breath Awareness Leads To The Awareness Of Much More
  • CHAPTER 6……………………………………………………………..10
    Connecting To The Earth, Nature, And To Higher Dimensions
  • CHAPTER 7………………………………………………………………12
    The Practice Of Spiritual Breathing
  • CHAPTER 8………………………………………………………………14
    The Main Goal And The Natural Outcome Of Deep Practice
  • CHAPTER 9………………………………………………………………16
    Using Breathwork to Return To, And To Remain In, The Most Resourceful States
  • CHAPTER 10………………………………………………………………18
    Self-Empowerment And Personal Readiness


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0004: The Practice of Breathwork” tab_id=”1494583745335-14d847eb-8910″]

This webinar took place in Moscow in late July, 2013, with a little over 200 people in attendance. Luba Bogdanova (http://www.odyhanie.ru) organized it, and provided the Russian translation. This is the English language transcript of that live session. The full audio recording in both English and Russian is available upon request. For more information,
visit: www.breathmastery.com or contact office@breathmastery.com

Take notes as Dan shares his unique and innovative approach to physical, emotional and psychological healing and well-being — until now only presented in his advanced workshops and practitioner trainings.

Learn new ways to manage or resolve your own problems, issues, and challenges, as Dan answers questions and counsels participants from 10 countries. Experience him in his role of
“breath therapist,” and while he is wearing his “spiritual psychologist” hat.

Dan holds nothing back as people ask for and receive poignant advice on a range of issues from sleep disorders and kidney disease to emotional overwhelm and parents with cancer, from the fear of public speaking to family members with alcohol addiction.

Many people stunned by the power and astonished by the simplicity of his approach. Read how the participants of this webinar are quickly and deeply touched by his intuitive coaching, and how they describe their experience with tears in their eyes.

Listen in or read along as Dan reveals the connection between breathwork and intimate relationships, and how breathwork relates to money and career goals. Learn the secret to creating harmony between body and soul, how to use breathwork to actualize your purpose in life, and as a method for attaining self-realization.


  • Breath is life
  • Think in terms of energy
  • Breathing patterns and states of being
  • A simple tantric breathwork practice
  • The three level approach to holistic healing
  • Beliefs about money and breathing abundance
  • The anti-anxiety breath
  • Unconscious breath-holding
  • Practicing the basic breathwork skills
  • Spiritual Breathing and the oneness of all life


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0005: Looking into Breathwork Live on Romanian TV” tab_id=”1494586142946-6642e72a-1093″]

This fascinating conversation with Dan Brulé took place on TV6 in Bucharest, in April of 2013.Here are some of the things that were discussed:

  • Dan’s background and some of his earliest breathing lessons
  • Moments of Awakening to the spiritual power of the breath
  • How a baby’s natural breathing becomes inhibited
  • Meeting with Yogi Ram Das (Dr. Richard Alpert) at Harvard University
  • A breathing miracle: awakening thru a clinical death experience
  • Personal transformation and the rebirthing experience
  • The link between breathing patterns and psycho-spiritual states
  • Turning a natural sigh of relief into a powerful healing technique
  • Breathwork as practical therapy and a new healing profession


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0006: TANTRA AND BREATHWORK THE PLAY OF BREATH AND SEXUAL ENERGIES” tab_id=”1494586793751-a2f0f928-12d9″]

This Seminar was recorded at the White Cloud Center and Book Store in Moscow in July of 2011. Luba Bogdanova is the interpreter. Many thanks go out to her for organizing, recording and transcribing this unique and enlightening presentation.
The Product includes a translation of the ancient Vigyam Bhairav Tantra Text: 112 Meditations given by Shiva to Devi


  • Waking up in the World
  • Feeling into the Breath
  • Fear of Love and Fear of Being Total
  • Orgasm VS Ecstasy
  • The Power of the Heart
  • A Breathing Meditation
  • Tantric Breathing
  • Suggestions for Daily Practice
  • Healing Religious Programming
  • 2 Stories about Awakening
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Our Buddha Nature
  • The Liberating Breath
  • The Fire Breath
  • Learning to let Go
  • Using the Breath to Connect


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0007: Lessons In The Practice of Breathwork Key People And Peak Moments On The Path Of Breath Mastery” tab_id=”1494587441815-74feae2f-5da7″]

In this interview, Dan discusses the Path of Breath Mastery and the Practice of Breathwork. He freely shares content and material from his seminars, and some lessons from his personal journey, such as:

  • Early experiences with the breath
  • The rebirthing technique
  • A unique style, method, and approach to breathwork
  • The three key skills of applied breathwork practice
  • Everyday applications of breathwork
  • Living from the heart versus coming from the mind
  • Tips on how to get free of anxiety and stress
  • Motivation, willingness and the power of readiness
  • Limits, traps, and contra‐indications in breathwork
  • Breathwork and the connection to India
  • Moments of inspiration, personal guides and teachers
  • High points, low points, and extreme training experiences
  • What people can expect from the seminars and workshops

This interview took place in April of 2013. Dan was in Bucharest, Romania at the time. The interviewer is Dr. Tatjana Trajkovska in Slovenia. She is a medical doctor with a holistic/integrative practice; and she is the leading Breathworker in that country. Contact her at:


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0008: The Amazing Power of Conscious Breathing An Interview with Dan Brule” tab_id=”1494588514203-bae1154e-055c”]

This Interview took place in Bucharest, April 2013 The interviewer is Michelle Pacheco. In it, Dan discuses:

  • Breathwork As A Tool For Raising Conscious Awareness
  • How Breathwork Leads Emotional And Psychological Changes
  • The Link Between Breathwork And Physiological and Chemical States
  • How The Breath Is Used For Spiritual Healing
  • Holotropic Breathwork Versus Rebirthing Breathwork
  • Breathing, Unconscious Beliefs, And Energy Work
  • How People Share The Benefits Of Breathwork With Others
  • Stress And Breathing
  • Breathing With Children
  • Breathwork For Asthma
  • Breathing And Karma
  • Breathing And Fear
  • Opening To Love And The Heart With Breathing
  • Breathwork And Ecstatic States
  • Breathwork As Part Of The Planetary Awakening
  • Two Keys To Navigating The Coming Global Changes
  • Breathwork And Personal Transformation


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0009: The Art of Not Giving a Damn With Dan Brule” tab_id=”1494588676169-a8ed4946-ebaf”]

This seminar and workshop took place near Johannesburg, South Africa at the Woodlands Spa and Healing Center, in May of 2013.

Dan mixes stories and life lessons with practical exercises and techniques. He challenges some popular notions about human nature and the healing process; and he offers some simple yet powerful methods to get free of many common woes. His edgy, irreverent, and unorthodox approach will inspire you to create new and unique solutions to your physical, emotional and psychological issues and problems.

Here are some of the topics and themes he addresses in this program:

  • The link between breathing patterns, emotional tendencies and psychological states
  • Fear, pain, and their associated breathing patterns and reflexes
  • Mozart, yogi masters, and what makes genius
  • The skill of changing states
  • Four stages of learning any skill
  • Identifying the ecstatic breath
  • Breathing with Indira Gandhi in 1980
  • How children suppress their intuitive abilities
  • The depth and totality of feelings in children versus adults
  • Re-awakening the emotional resilience we had as children
  • Family patterns and the tall poppy syndrome
  • Breath-holding sends an emergency signal to your lizard brain
  • Anxiety and toxic self-talk
  • Byron Katie and waking up to our Buddha nature
  • The power of witnessing, and freedom from the “self”


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0010: A Call to Practice Spiritual Breathing “Breath as a Bridge” tab_id=”1494588801283-e8817621-3dc6″]

This brief talk took place at the “Tribal Convergence”
In San Diego – Emerald Village in January 2012

The YouTube video is here:



The Simplest Things Are The Most Powerful
We Are All Connected
Breathwork As A Way To Wake Up
Being Creative With Your Breath
Living Your Truth And Living Love
Training Your Mind-Body System
Expressing Your Highest Potential
Practicing Breath Awareness
The Breath Is Alive


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0011: Conscious Breathing: A Path to Freedom (Transcript 1 Contents )” tab_id=”1494827139583-c33adaf2-8544″]

Transcript 1 Contents :

  • Being Mindful Of Thoughts, Feelings And Sensations, And Emotions
  • Practicing Breath Awareness
  • Notching Up The Breathing A Tracking Effort And Tension
  • Using The Yawn
  • How We Use The Breath To Control Ourselves
  • Exploring The Limits To YourBreathing
  • Swara Yoga And Kum Nye
  • Combining Affirmations, Mantras, And Movement To Breathing
  • Combining Movement And Breath
  • Being Creative And Imaginative In Your Practice
  • Healing Emotional Scars
  • The Breath As A Bridge
  • Creative Breathing: A Guided Breath Session


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0012: Conscious Breathing: A Path to Freedom (Transcript 2 Contents )” tab_id=”1494828075883-78bcaf7d-8b6d”]

Transcript 2 Contents:

  • An Analogy To Help Understand The Process
  • A Map Of The Process
  • Self-Talk And Choosing Your Thoughts
  • Infancy Patterns
  • Coaching And Assists In The First Few Sessions
  • Engaging The Exhale: Learning To Let Go
  • Charging The Heart And Focusing On The Throat And Belly
  • Two Ways To Enter the Process
  • Varying The Breathing Rhythm And Speed


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0013: Conscious Breathing: A Path to Freedom (Transcript 3 Contents )” tab_id=”1494828153816-72f6c87c-7ecd”]

Transcript 3 Contents:

  • Focusing on the Details of the Technique
  • Merging the Inner Breath (spirit/energy) with the Outer Breath (air)
  • Conscious Awareness: the First Step and the Constant Practice
  • The Energy Experience
  • Observing the reactions of the Mind
  • Making Use of Breath Sounds
  • Forgiveness and Gratitude
  • Tracking Tension and Contractions
  • Instructions and Advice During a Session
  • Creating Pleasure


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0014: Conscious Breathing: A Path to Freedom (Transcript 4 Contents )” tab_id=”1494828451533-a175a2fc-ea65″]

Transcript 4 Contents :

  • The Five Principles of Breath Therapy
  • Breath Therapy Defined
  • Observing and Guiding the Breath
  • A simple Exercise from Gay Hendricks
  • Sufi Techniques and Inventing Exercises and Meditations
  • Dealing with Fear and Discomfort


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0015: Conscious Breathing: A Path to Freedom (Transcript 5 Contents )” tab_id=”1494828520726-8f9a6d63-2411″]

Transcript 5 Contents :

  • Story of the Butterfly And The Two Kinds Of Suffering
  • The Difference Between Mining And Shopping.
  • Making And Holding Space With The Breath
  • Exploring Subtleties In The Throat When Breathing
  • Continuous Breathing
  • Breathing Into The Chest And The Back
  • Lengthening The Spine As You Breathe
  • Using Your Imagination Creatively
  • Enlightenment And Love
  • Using The Breath To Interrupt Negative Patterns
  • Waking Up More Often As Well As Sooner
  • Anger and Spirituality
  • My Vow Of Non-Violence And The Ufa Mugging
  • Reality, Control, And Being Right
  • Beginning A Connected Breathing Session


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0016: Spiritual Breathing: The Almaty Seminar” tab_id=”1494840621828-a3f49c83-1779″]

This is an edited transcript and excerpts of a Spiritual Breathing Seminar that took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the summer of 2006.


Part One: Introductory Talk

  • Getting Comfortable with the Unknown.
  • From the Womb to the World.
  • Turning to the Source of your Mind.
  • Breath Awareness as a Form of Meditation.
  • The Energy in the Air.
  • Consciousness and Evolution.
  • Knowing and Not Knowing
  • Expanding your Comfort Zone
  • What is it to be Spiritual?
  • Beginning the Practice

Part Two: The Practice

  • Yawning is Yoga
  • The Coming Home Breath
  • Combining the Yawn and the Sigh
  • The Rebirthing Technique
  • The “How To’s” and “What Not’s” of the Practice
  • Applying the Formula for Transformation
  • Advanced Yawning
  • Affirmations to Support the Process
  • The “What’s Important” Exercise
  • A Spiritual Breathing Session



[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0017: Let’s Talk About Rebirthing Dan Brule & Tamara Penn ” tab_id=”1494842114566-1d834699-36f9″]

Introduction – Tamara Penn

Breath work has evolved over the past 25 years. It’s brought together ancient breathing techniques for health and spiritual awareness, with contemporary growth and therapeutic practices. The result has been the evolution of powerful and incisive healing, and consciousness changing modalities. This has given birth to the field of breath work, which has promoted significant advances in medical, psychological and spiritual domains.

TP: I’m Tamara Penn.

DB: This is Dan Brulé.

TP: So the idea is that when we spoke, we decided that it would be really useful to have a product – something to give to people – like an audio brochure. There are lots of people who are auditory and prefer to listen to things.

DB: And people who are interested in rebirthing and are exploring it for the first time, and also for professional Rebirthers, so that they can have a good piece of information to give to their clients.

TP: Absolutely.

DB: Between the two of us, we have between 40 and 50 years of rebirthing experience!

TP: You started in 1976.

DB: Yes, and you started in the early ’80s.

TP: That’s right.

DB: And between the two of us, we’ve probably rebirthed 5,000 people…

TP: At least.

DB: That’s a lot of people who have bared their souls to themselves in our presence.

TP: And that feels very gratifying.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0018: THE PATANJALI REPORT ” tab_id=”1494842289019-da0f1889-ccb2″]


This article represents several hundred pages of journal notes recording personal study and lessons, jotted down and carried around for more than 20 years. It is a collection of ideas and thoughts about this legendary sage. It presents key bits and pieces of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It includes ideas collected from many books, articles and conversations. It also contains personal insights gained thru dreams, intuition, and direct initiations and transmissions.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0019: Breath Awareness: A Guided Meditation” tab_id=”1494842349871-a54e4a3e-cec4″]

This is a transcript of a guided breathing session that took place in at an advnaced practioner training in Biloxi Missisippi, in the spring of 2003.

More than a breathing session, this talk is filled with spiritual breathing techniques, exercises, and meditations. It also includes practical solutions to many everyday emotional and psychological problems.

It contains the core principles of breathwork as well as profound teachings on breath and life in general. It offers specific instructions and solid advice for breathworkers. And so it has been used as a mini-manual by practioners throughout the world, for guiding themselves thru sessions as well as for coaching others.

As you read through it, breathe, and let your breath take you on a journey. At any point, you can close your eyes, leave the transcript behind, and let your process go where it wants to go.

Here are just some of the CONTENTS you’ll find in this program:

  • Becoming the Watcher Tuning into the Breath Following the Path that the Breath Takes Nose Breathing VS Mouth Breathing Equalizing the Flow
  • Body Awareness Expanding Yourself and the Breath Applying Dynamic Relaxation Letting Go Into Ecstasy
  • Exploring Tension and Relaxation Breath Dancing Consciousness and Energy Opening all the Breathing
  • Spaces in the Body The Three Levels of Breathing Fire and Light in the Body Overriding chemical triggers
  • Eliminating Effort and Conflict Letting Go of Limitations Unconditional Love and Self-Acceptance
  • Connecting to the Life and Spirit in Everything Linking Thought and Breath Claiming Your Power Time is Not a Factor Blessing the World


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0020: Breath and Breathing: The Aurora College Talk” tab_id=”1494842484031-02466246-a2fa”]

This talk took place in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories of Canada. It weaves together basic and advanced teachings; it includes stories and lessons related to several styles and schools of breathwork.

This entertaining and educational presentation has been copied and plagiarized many times over the years. But here you have the original (slightly edited) transcript of the live recording.

This program is required reading for practitioners, coaches and facilitators, and a must for all breathing enthusiasts!


  • Breathing Patterns are Like Fingerprints
  • Breathing as Pure Communication
  • The Link Between Emotional and Psychological States and Breathing Patterns Alternate Nostril Breathing and Brain Patterns
  • How Monks, Yogis, Athletes and Artists Breathe
  • Therapeutic Breathing Rates and Rhythms
  • The Amazing Benefits of Simply Yawning
  • Funny Stories and Serious Lessons from Childhood and the Military
  • Breath Control is Self Control
  • Children and the Adulteration Process
  • How Breathing Becomes Inhibited
  • Monitoring Chest and Belly While Breathing
  • Primary breathing Muscles VS Accessory Muscles


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0021: Breath Energy Exercises” tab_id=”1494842584097-6f930fbe-d229″]

Welcome Back!

Right now we are going to practice the Basic Series. The Basic Series are the basic breathing exercises that are presented in the context of the Breath Energy Training.

The three first exercises actually comprise The Formula For Transformation. And you would be best to absorb that information and practice those basic skills, which are presented on a different program. The three first exercises which comprise The Formula For Transformation:

  • Breath Watching, or Insight Meditation
  • Engaging the Exhale, or the Relaxation Response
  • Charging the Heart. Energy Breathing

So, again, I advise you to practice those three core exercises before you begin playing with these. But, playing with the Basic Series here…even without the benefit of the Formula For Transformation-those basic three exercises… You will find that you can still derive quite a bit of benefit from the exercises that follow.

But, again, knowing those three core skills [taught as the the Formula for Transformation] will help you to get more out of the exercises presented here. That having been said, let’s get on with a basic skill in The Breath Energy Series, which is Belly Breathing or Diaphragmatic Breathing.

Diaphragmatic Breathing is taught in most yoga schools. And most martial artists learn belly breathing if they want to derive the most… or if they want to reach any level of skill… diaphragmatic breathing is very important.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0022: De-Stressing A Guided Breathing Session” tab_id=”1494842653862-96e4db33-b35d”]

Accessing Your Most Resourceful States
Activating Your Natural Innate Healing Abilities

Some Suggestions:

  • Record this document, or have some read it to you
  • Clear at least one hour of uninterrupted (or supported) time.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Make sure you are warm enough.
  • Prepare a firm comfortable place to lie down and relax.
  • Use a pillow if necessary. Keep a blanket nearby.
  • This is the yoga of comfort and pleasure!

Let’s begin!

Turning inward…
We always start with present moment awareness.

We start by tuning into the feelings and sensations in the body.
Don’t try to accomplish anything: you just want to bring your attention to what is.

This is really simple, and effortless, because we are not trying to accomplish anything.
It’s like taking an inner inventory… you are just scanning your body…. and noticing…

What is the most obvious sensation or feeling you notice as you turn attention inward?
Start from there.

And then you just let your attention move through your body…
Visit and notice all the places in the body where sensations and feelings exist…
Where movements, sensations, or feelings occur…

And you are just lighting on them with your attention.
So it is really quite effortless.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0023: Spiritual Breathing The Sedona Gathering” tab_id=”1494842774213-cf3e77d8-c2b0″]


  • A joke about Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychotherapy
  • The Problem with Yoga, Tai Chi, and other Methods and Systems
  • Finding the Courage to Create Your Own Path
  • Going Inward Versus Moving Along The Surface
  • The Formula For Transformation
  • Merging Opposites
  • Yawning is Yoga
  • Fear, Growth, and the Ego
  • The Rebirthing Breath
  • Some Traps and Barriers on the Inward Path
  • Fear versus Excitement
  • Getting past Thoughts, Emotions, and Feelings and Sensations
  • It’s all about Energy
  • Confusing the Boat with the Waves the Boat Makes
  • The Creative process
  • Patanjali’s Message
  • An Analogy for the Inner Work
  • The main practice
  • A Guided Breathing Session
  • Advanced Breathwork Skills
  • Final Advice for Your Practice


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0024: The Power and Potential of Conscious Breathing” tab_id=”1494843042987-353dc612-fdac”]

CD TRANSCRIPT (edited) Recorded live in New Orleans March 2002

Breathing is something that you do all the time, consciously or unconsciously. When you first learned to walk, you had to be very, very conscious about it. If you hadn’t been very, very conscious about it, you never would have walked. You had to really focus on it. Watch a child when they are taking their first steps. Every once of their attention is in the process. They are fully committed with their awareness to doing what is required to get there. When you learned to breathe you didn’t have that going for you. You didn’t consciously learn to breathe, most people. You were forced into breathing: shook, slapped, or otherwise, made to breath.

Your body did something, a stimulus occurred, something happened. You didn’t have to think about “okay now, in with the good, out with the bad.” But you did have to go through a process of clearing fluids, of adjusting to an atmosphere that was very different than the atmosphere that you just came from. For example, the temperature difference between the womb and the world is 30 degrees maybe. If the hospital delivery room temperature is 70 degrees, the womb is 100 to 103 degrees, or something like that. Thirty-degree temperature change, naked: that would send anybody into shock. That alone causes… something.

Add to that the journey through the birth canal, which is something that most people do not want to repeat. Given the opportunity, they would not want to repeat it. You think it is tough for the mother; if you could get in there with a microphone, and talk to the baby during that day, “Hey, how you feeling right now? Whoa! What’s happening?” You know, the contractions, the whole experience…


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0025: The Principles of Breath Therapy” tab_id=”1494843113431-0708bdb5-d6e8″]


Welcome to The Principles of Breath Therapy. Breath Therapy is a unique healing art. It originated in connection to the rebirthing movement, and particularly through my work in the former Soviet Union.

It was there that I put together the pieces of Breath Therapy. And with the help of thousands of Russian people–my friends and associates there–doctors and healers and psychics and teachers of all kinds, people with the Academy of Science in Russia, and at various hospitals and clinics.

Together we put together the Principles of Breath Therapy. Or I could say that they emerged from the practice of my Breathwork, my Spiritual Breathing, there in Russia and the former Republics.

There are five Principles to Breath Therapy and before we begin to talk specifically about those, let’s first discuss: “What is breath therapy?” There are two aspects or two facets to breath therapy.

The first is that: the breath or the breathing mechanism itself is not functioning at peak potential–that in most people–the average person, their breathing functions at a fraction of it’s potential.

You know, we have this analogy of the mind, and how we use only a small portion of it. The analogy that we use is that of an iceberg, and how the tip of the iceberg sticks out over the surface of the ocean. But the largest part of the iceberg is submerged and invisible. As you do different methods and processes, you discover that indeed, the mind is incredibly powerful and we only tap a small portion of it’s potential.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0026: Zen and the Art of Breathing” tab_id=”1494843188863-5f39b208-2b6d”]

Zen and the Art of Breathing

The Ufa Transcript (2002)

This seminar began with almost an hour of silence… Nothing was happening. Everyone had gathered. Dan was simply sitting, breathing, sometimes eyes closed, sometimes looking around.

Some people grew impatient and left, demanding their money back. Some people became agitated and began to complain to the organizer: “When are we going to begin?”

Still, Dan simply sat in silence…. until he began to speak…

So what we are looking for and what we are talking about does not have a beginning and it does not have an end. Anything that has a beginning or an end is not ultimately real. It is a surface event, belonging to the world of illusion…

I was reading an article on the plane to Moscow last week. It was an article about how in Denver Colorado… there’s a lot of snow. Many skiers go there… And so a guy was driving in his car in the mountains there in February, and he got lost on a side road. Then his car got stuck in the snow. And so he was thinking: “what should I do?”

Now all of the experts say that in such a case, you should stay in your car and wait for help. Doctors say this, police say this: all of the experts advise this. They say that if you are lost, and you leave your car and go off into the snow or the forest, that you will become more lost, you will starve or you will freeze to death. They say it is safer to stay in the car.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0027: Conscious Breathing: A Path to Freedom” tab_id=”1494843345336-6e63495e-e142″]

Part 1: Content

  • Being Mindful Of Thoughts, Feelings And Sensations, And Emotions
  • Practicing Breath Awareness
  • Notching Up The Breathing A Tracking Effort And Tension
  • Using The Yawn
  • How We Use The Breath To Control Ourselves
  • Exploring The Limits To YourBreathing
  • Swara Yoga And Kum Nye
  • Combining Affirmations, Mantras, And Movement To Breathing
  • Combining Movement And Breath
  • Being Creative And Imaginative In Your Practice
  • Healing Emotional Scars
  • The Breath As A Bridge
  • Creative Breathing: A Guided Breath Session

Part 2: Content

  • An Analogy To Help Understand The Process
  • A Map Of The Process
  • Self-Talk And Choosing Your Thoughts
  • Infancy Patterns
  • Coaching And Assists In The First Few Sessions
  • Engaging The Exhale: Learning To Let Go
  • Charging The Heart And Focusing On The Throat And Belly
  • Two Ways To Enter the Process
  • Varying The Breathing Rhythm And Speed


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0028: Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises” tab_id=”1494843733225-4407db23-c800″]

Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises


  • Beginning Notes
  • Brief History and Background
  • The Benefits of Chi Kung
  • The Therapeutic Effect
  • Three Principles of Chi Kung
  • Healing Postures
  • Getting Into Quietness
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Advanced Techniques
  • General Indications and Contra Indications
  • More on the Breathing Exercises
  • Three Types of Exercises
  • Relaxed and Quiet Breathing Exercise
  • More on Quietness
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Abnormal Reactions
  • Review of Some Essentials
  • Six Healing Breath Sounds
  • Main Energy Points and Meridians
  • Chinese Characters for Inhale and Exhale
  • About the Author


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0029: PRACTITIONER COACHING NOTES” tab_id=”1494843964702-75a2ab6e-c93a”]

Assists And Interventions In A Breathwork Session



  • Before The Session
  • During The Session
  • After The Session
  • Connected Breathing Coaching Assists
  • What To Say And When to Say It
  • Dealing With Unconsciousness and “Spacing Out”
  • What To Do When People Won’t Breathe
  • When People Talk Too Much During a Session
  • How To End A Session Or “Wind It Down”
  • The Parameters In A Session
  • What To Consider When Adjusting The Breathing


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0030: CO2 Is Good For You And Tasty Too!” tab_id=”1494844111175-94880832-bda2″]

CO2 Is Good For You And Tasty Too!



  • Chronic Hypocapnia and CO2 Deficiency
  • The Crucial Role of Carbon Dioxide
  • Symptoms of “Over-Breathing”
  • Respiratory Physiology in Brief
  • CO2 and the Acid-Base Balance
  • Over-Breathing Defined and Explained

I recently read that mosquitoes are attracted not by your body heat, but by the carbon dioxide that you give off. That was news to me.

And this may be news to you: Over 70% of the population tested to date show a deficiency of carbon dioxide in their system: a condition known as chronic hypocapnia.

In other words, if you are like most people, you are probably “blowing off” too much CO2 when you breathe: a condition known as chronic hyperventilation.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0031: A Higher Calling: the Cancun Gathering” tab_id=”1494844382655-6029abb3-053e”]

A Higher Calling
The 12-12-12 Gathering in Cancun

This seminar took place at a gathering at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Cancun on December 12, 2012.
The discussion leading up to this presentation was focused on violence, terrorism, and forgiveness; and about what we can do as individuals to awaken inner peace and to promote world peace.


  • Transcending the level of duality with love and breath
  • Waking up to something bigger
  • How every poor person thinks
  • Making a leap
  • Lifting each other up
  • A lesson from deep sea diving
  • Lesson from Mike Tyson’s dysfunction
  • Linking breath to forgiveness
  • A fundamental skill: letting go of the exhale
  • Realizing something important about pain, pleasure, and our system
  • Breathing practice: “engaging the exhale” “double inhale”
  • Using the breath to let go of physical tension
  • Expanding the Inhale and the Full Yogic Breath
  • Re-Patterning the Mind Body System
  • Survival VS Ascension
  • The Power of Being Total
  • Personal and Group Energy
  • Closing the Gap Between Intention and Action


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0032:REPATTERNING THE BODY MIND SYSTEM: THE PARIS SEMINAR” tab_id=”1494844528939-f922b9ca-a5b0″]



The breath that we’re practicing is basically a sigh of relief. Then we begin to build on it, and add things into it. So you want to practice that sigh of relief as often as possible.

It’s about letting go. If you could manage a big sigh of relief every single time: that would be ideal thing.
You want to breathe through your mouth, and the important thing is to have an “aah” shape on the exhale… A big opening… “aah” is the sound of letting go.

Before we can move forward we need to let go. And with a big opening, we can let go of a lot of breath quickly. The exhale takes almost no time.



[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0033: The Art of Living Consciously” tab_id=”1494844981818-d00b9c5f-cbf4″]

A Sentence-Completion Program to Facilitate Living More Consciously
From “The Art of Living Consciously” by Nathanial Brandon
This program is for the purpose of expanding your awareness, of assisting you in the process of deepening your awareness in various areas of your life. Doing this work on a daily basis as described here is a kind of psychological discipline that over time allows us to achieve insight, integration, and often spontaneous behavior change.The essence of the sentence completion procedure is to write an incomplete sentence, a sentence stem, and to keep adding endings—not less than six, and ten is sufficient—as fast as possible, with the sole requirement that each ending be a grammatical completion of the sentence. Start a journal, and make a commitment to do the process every day for the entire 22 week program.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0034: BREATH OF LIFE” tab_id=”1494845238826-4e5bb2ee-b0cc”]


  • The Single Prerequisite for Success in Breathwork
  • The Forgotten Journey From the Womb to the World
  • Rebirthing-Breathwork
  • Bringing Breathing to the Level of an Art
  • A Personal Story of Awakening to the Breath
  • How Early Programming Suppresses Your Breathing and Your Spirit
  • Yawning as a Transformational Technique
  • A Three-Part Formula for Transformation
  • Air, Energy, Tension and Breathing
  • A Radical Approach to Relaxation
  • Yawning and Sighing


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0035: The Upwave Interview” tab_id=”1494846771668-cfd60ee1-4781″]

The Upwave Interview
This interview was conducted via email with freelance writer Susan Fishman for Upwave: Turner Broadcasting’s web-based health and lifestyle magazine. I have not seen the finished article. But here is the original, unedited exchange.

SF: Hello Dan, I have four questions:
1) Is there a proper way—a good, a right, healthy way to breathe—in terms of everyday normal breathing?
2) What is the wrong way to breathe?
3) What kind of benefits can we see from proper breathing and/or deep breathing techniques?
4) Can you share an example?


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0036: The MIAMI Event” tab_id=”1494846848428-f8ddd679-39a1″]
This Advanced Breathwork Seminar took place in Miami, Florida in May of 2013. Almost all the participants were very experienced Rebirthers.
  1. Getting that Everything is Love, God, the Divine
  2. Intensity, Acceleration, Sensitivity, and Rebirthing
  3. Buddha, Patanjali, Awareness and Consciousness
  4. Confusing what is real with what is not real


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0037: Mindfulness and Breathwork” tab_id=”1494846915883-5cd80dc9-7062″]
Mindfulness And Breathwork
Through the ages spiritual seekers and practitioners of all traditions have studied and practiced the art of meditation as a way to access the source of spiritual energy or inner peace; a skill to be harnessed on the path to enlightenment.There are thousands of meditation techniques that range from chanting, creative visualization and transcendental meditation to name just a few. Mindfulness is a technique that is the foundation of the Buddhist method or Zen practices.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0038: Easter Talk” tab_id=”1494847677918-bdf48910-387d”]
Easter Talk

Getting Free
The Promise and the Practice of
Conscious Breathing

This Seminar took place on Easter Sunday in Bucharest, Romania, April 2014. In the group were several experienced practitioners, several “first timers” and several others in between. The audio Recording (with Romanian translation) is available upon request.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0039: INTERVIEW FOR THE CANADIAN HOLISTIC COMMUNITY” tab_id=”1494847760762-886f4ba6-677b”]

This interview was conducted in April of 2013. The interviewer is
Lori  Lynn Smith of the Canadian Holistic Directory


  • How did you get involve in Breathwork? How did you become a practitioner?
  • People who reach the highest level in any field breathe differently than the average person.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0040: Collection of Ken Keyes Teachings” tab_id=”1494847898595-86cae5d6-c137″]
 Collection of Ken Keyes Teachings
  • 7 Centers of Consciousness
  • 7 centers sceneriao
  • 11 lifetraps
  • 12 Pathways
  • 101 core beliefs (negative personal laws)
  • Addictions VS Preferences
  • Intnese Re-Programing


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0041: STAN GROF BASIC PERINATAL MATRICIES” tab_id=”1494848018079-85dfef75-fc84″]

This interview was conducted in April of 2013. The interviewer
is Lori  Lynn Smith of the Canadian Holistic Directory


  • How did you get involve in Breathwork? How did you become a practitioner?
  • People who reach the highest level in any field breathe differently than the average person.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0042: BREATHWORK PRACTITIONER PROGRAM MATERIALS” tab_id=”1494848114856-653c2cd1-1a74″]


This Program Covers half of the Level 1 Basic Practitioner Training.

We cover this, and more in the 21 Day Practitioner Intensives


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0043: THE INVISIBLE MENTOR ” tab_id=”1494848279146-c0dd23a0-142d”]
This Interview was conducted by Avil Beckford
www.theinvisiblementor.comInvisible Mentor: Dan Brulé, Breath Therapist
Company Name: One Sky International
Website: http://www.breathmastery.com


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0044: EXPLORING THE ART AND SCIENCE OF BREATHWORK ” tab_id=”1494848487089-be45d056-fe2f”]
Shut Up And Breathe!
Exploring the Art and Science of Breathwork


Part 1: Insights Into Breathwork
Part 2: The Upwave Interview
Part 3: How Breathwork Can Relax and Energize You
Part 4: The Practice of Breathwork
Part 5: Lessons In The Practice of Breathwork
Part 6: The Secrets of Breath Mastery


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0045: EIGHT QUESTIONS ABOUT BREATHING ” tab_id=”1494849294154-48ef33e5-0981″]


This Interview with Dan Brulé was conducted via Skype on June 25, 2014. Lithuanian journalist “Ieva Pieva” sent these 8 questions in advance of the interview. And what follows is the transcript of their conversation.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0046: N.H. SEMINAR EXCERPTS” tab_id=”1494849368306-cf2fe2e6-1c3f”]
Seminar Transcript Excerpts.
Manchester NH; August 2006


Breathwork: where to begin…

A conscious sigh of relief is a good place to start. And combining a yawn with a sigh is probably the best practice—one of the best breath awareness exercises or conscious breathing techniques that I can suggest.


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0047: TAUREGE SEMINAR EXCERPTS ” tab_id=”1494848379504-87f1ce2d-0cc1″]


Part 1: Pain and Pleasure
Part 2: The Body/Mind System and its Reaction to Intensity
Part 3: Energy and Emotions
Part 4: The Face of Joy
Part 5: Getting a handle on the thinking mind
Part 6: The Russian Banya: Working to Relax


[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”0048: THE MASTERY OF LATERAL THINKING” tab_id=”1500725163430-a6459f1e-2ff7″]


1. logical thinking inside the box
2. lateral thinking outside the box