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Welcome to the Practitioner Certification Course!

Dear Practitioner ,

I hope this message finds you well and filled with anticipation for the transformative journey ahead! It is with great joy that I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for signing up for our upcoming Breathmastery Certification Course.

Your commitment to exploring the profound potential of conscious breathing speaks volumes about your dedication to personal growth and well-being. I am excited to guide you through this journey, where you will not only deepen your own breathwork practice but also acquire the tools and knowledge to empower others on their path to wellness.

As you embark on this certification course, remember that each breath is a step towards a more balanced, vibrant, and centered existence. Your decision to delve into the world of Breathmastery reflects a profound understanding of the connection between breath and life.

Get ready to unlock the incredible power of your breath and share this life-changing knowledge with others. This certification is not just a testament to your skills but a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those around you.

I look forward to witnessing your growth and success as a certified Breathmastery coach. Welcome to the community, and may your journey be filled with inspiration, transformation, and, of course, the deep and rhythmic breaths that fuel your vitality.

With warmth and anticipation,


Dan Brulé


The Practioner Certification Course

Module 1 Breathwork Journal (180+ Days)

Over the next 180 days, you will journal  your daily study/practice activities.

Task 1 Journal Your Daily Study/Practice Activities  
Module 2 Weekly Call Participation

Participate in the Weekly Practitioner Coaching Calls and/or review the Call Recordings.

Task 1 Engage in the Weekly Practitioner Coaching Calls  
Module 3 Peer Mentor Meetings

Connect with a peer mentor at least twice a month for support, supervision, and accountability in your personal practice and process to develop confidence and competence.

Task 1 Peer Mentor Meetings  
Module 4 Read Just Breathe

In this module, you will be reading the book Just Breathe and reporting on what you learned about it.

Task 1 Read the Book Just Breathe  
Task 2 Submit a Report on Your Key Take-aways and Lessons  
Module 5 Work through the Breath Tech App

Download the Breath Tech App and buy a 1-year subscription. Master the Cornerstones, The Basic Breathing Exercises, and Everyday Breathing. Choose your Personal Path & master the content. Review the other 7 Paths and practice the exercises.

Task 1 Download the Breath Tech App  
Task 2 The Three Cornerstones of Breath Mastery  
Task 3 Learn the Basic Series of Breathing Exercises  
Task 4 Learn Everyday Breathing  
Task 5 Choose your Personal Path  
Task 6 Submit a Report of Your Main Takeaways and Lessons  
Module 6 Breath Mastery Online Training

View the 6-Month Online Breath Mastery Training recordings.

Task 1 Review the 6-Month Online Training Zoom Recordings  
Module 7 Read and Report on at least 5 Books on the Required/Suggested Reading List

Read and report on at least 5 other books on the required/suggested reading list.

Task 1 Select 5 Books to Read and Report On  
Task 2 Submit Each Book Report  
Module 8 Receive 15 Personal Conscious Connected Breathing Sessions

Receive at least 15 personal Conscious Connected Breathing Sessions with an approved/associated Breathworker.

Task 1 Submit Your Session Summary/Report  
Module 9 Guide/Facilitate at least 25 One-on-One Sessions

In this module, you will guide/report on at least 25 Client Sessions and submit Client & Sitter Reports for each one.

Task 1 Facilitate 25 Conscious Connected Breathing Sessions  
Task 2 Submit Your Client Reports and Sitter Reports  
Module 10 Live In-person Practicum

This module offers participants a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a practical and hands-on learning experience. Led by breathing expert Dan Brule, this module provides a platform for individuals to apply their knowledge and skills gained from previous training and coursework.

During this module, participants will engage in two-weeks of live practicum, where they will have the chance to observe, practice, and refine their breathing techniques in a supportive and interactive environment. The practicum bridges the gap between theory and application, allowing participants to develop confidence and proficiency in their breathwork practice.

Participants will be able to work closely with Dan Brule and other experienced practitioners, benefiting from their guidance and insights. They will have the chance to receive personalized feedback, ask questions, and deepen their understanding of breathwork-related topics.

There will also be at least one week assisting Dan during a live in-person training.

Task 1 Take Part in 2 weeks of live in-person training  
Task 2 Assist Dan at least one week of live in-person training.  
Task 3 Live Training  
Task 4 Report on Your Experience of Training and Assisting  
Module 11 Complete the Program Review/Final Exam

Congratulations! You have made it to completion. At this point, you will complete the Program Review/Final Exam.

Task 1 Final Exam  
Task 2 Program Review  

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