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To help, heal, and grow yourself.
And to serve, support, and uplift others.


The Training Begins with a Month-Long Breathwork Course that is Free and Open to All.

[The Entire Course is Free to Current and Former Practitioner Program Members.] 

The Training is designed for those who are just beginning their Breathwork Journey, as well as for seasoned Practitioners. It can be used for personal or professional development. And it is a basic requirement for Dan Brulé/One Sky International Breath Mastery Teacher Certification.

It is an ideal training for coaches, counselors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, meditation teachers, personal trainers, schoolteachers, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, health professionals, or anyone who wishes to integrate Breathwork into their current practice.

This training will save you a lot of time and energy, and it will dramatically shorten your learning curve. The Training includes basic and advanced breathwork practices, breathing assessments and intervention techniques, breathing development exercises, applying breathwork for various physical, emotional, and psychological issues and conditions, and much more.

You’ll synthesize and integrate all the major styles, methods, approaches, and schools of Breathwork. Facilitating individual and group breathwork sessions is explored in depth and detail. And you will be encouraged to bring your own knowledge and skills into the practice, and to create and invent your own style of breathwork exercises, techniques, and meditations.

When you Register for the Training, you will be given access to the Breath Mastery Members Area and the Private Facebook Group. And you will also enjoy Unlimited Access to the Breath Mastery Archives, and to the ever-growing collection of Practitioner Training Materials.

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The History and Evolution of the Breath Mastery Training.

Dan Brulé is a missionary for the Breath! He has been called the ‘Bruce Lee of Breathwork’ the ‘Yoda of Breathing’, and the ‘Godfather’ of the Modern Breathwork Movement. He is a renown pioneer, expert, and authority in the field. And this Training is his way of passing on the lessons he has gleaned from a lifetime of Study and Practice in the Art and Science of Breathwork.

His fascination with breathing began in kindergarten—literally! And his passion for the breath intensified and was burned into him with several near-death drowning experiences. He began his formal breathing education as an X-Ray and CPR Technician at Northeastern University and Boston City Hospital in 1969.

In 1971, the Path of Breath Mastery led Dan into the US Navy and Hospital Corps School. He went on to work in Special Operations as a Medical Deep Sea Diver and an Underwater Rescue Specialist. He learned Breath Control for Survival at the Experimental Diving Unit Washington, DC in 1973, and for several years he held the Navy’s Breath-Holding Record (6 min-10 sec).

From 1974-75 Dan taught Breath Control for Submarine Escape Training in Honolulu. He worked in a Recompression Chamber, treating many divers, and serving on several ships and Naval Stations. He published three Reports for the University of Hawaii. And he gave Public Testimony on the Benefits of Breathing Training to the Hawaii State Senate’s Committee on the Medicinal Use of Marihuana.

In 1976 at UMass Dartmouth, he created the famous “Breath Energy Training” and he created the first-in-the-nation “Stress and Coping Workshop” for the American Red Cross. He was first among the original group of Internationally Certified Rebirthers, and he remained a life-long friend of Leonard Orr the founder of the Rebirthing Breathwork Movement.

In 1980, he was initiated into Kriya Yoga by the Immortal Yogi Master Babaji (written about in Yogananda’s book: Autobiography of a Yogi.) In the early 80’s Dan designed and completed a Master’s Degree in the Healing Arts at Lesley University, called: “Breath as a Tool for Health, Growth and Change. He went on to teach patients at Tufts University Chronic Pain Clinic.

In 1985, he visited Beijing, China and studied with the legendary Qigong Master Hu Bin. And then he introduced Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises to the West. He studied Breathing Coordination with Carl Stough (Dr. Breath). He practiced Prana Yoga with Swami Rama, and did early Biofeedback Training at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA.

Some of his other teachers include Yogi Ramacharaka, Bruno Geba, Milton Young, Nancy Zi, and Stan Grof. He was a follower of Osho, and for a time was a member of the Rajneesh Community in Oregon.

In 1990, Dan took his work to Russia where he contributed to a ten-year study with the Russian Academy of Sciences and was an advisor for their first Ph.D. Program in Breathwork. He studied with Knostantin Buteyko and Mikhail Ryabko, and trained over a dozen Olympic athletes including 13 time Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion Alexander Karelin.

Over the years he has travelled and taught throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, India, China, South America, and the former Soviet Republics. And has led programs in such diverse places as Yellowknife, Northwest territories of Canada, the San Pedro Federal Prison in Bolivia, the Hopi Cultural Center in Arizona, Bashkir State Medical University in Ufa, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

He has done countless Radio, TV, and Podcast interviews. And so far, he has studied and practiced in over 65 countries, and he has personally taught more than 250,000 people! Dan has many other teachers, and he has even studied breathing in animals.

As Dan says: “Whenever I heard about anyone in the world who was teaching anything about the breath, I ended up either breathing down their neck or kissing their feet!” And with this Six Month Breath Mastery Training he will pass on to you the most important lessons he’s learned  in five decades of practice!

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Contents of the Online Breath Mastery Training

The Breathwork exercises, techniques, and meditations that Dan teaches have evolved over the years, with many being added, replaced, or refined. The following is a list of topics, themes, and lessons that he covers in the Training.

The following list is not in any order. And it may be that not all the lessons on the list will be covered in the Training. You will find many of these lessons in the Practitioner Materials in the Breath Mastery Members Area. And there may be additional lessons that are not listed here.

You are welcome to look through the list and let Dan know which lessons you are most interested in or curious about. And if there are topics you wish to explore but they are not on the list, please let him know, and he can add them.

Some of the Topics, Themes, or Modules in the Training:

A Short History of the Breathwork Movement

2 Basic Aspects/Practices in Breathwork

2 Core Techniques

20 Connected Breaths Exercise

The Breathwork Mantra

8 Paths in Breathwork (Plus 2)

The Formula for Transformation

3 Cornerstones/Pillars of Breath Mastery

3 Convergences in Breathwork

5 Principles of Breath Therapy

Breathing Anatomy & Mechanics

Respiratory Physiology & Chemistry

3 Breathing Spaces and the Full Yogic Breath

3 Spaces, 3 Paces, and 3 Intentions

Diaphragmatic Breathing

The Triangle Breath

Box Breathing

Sniff and Pooh

1-2 Breath

2-Part Inhale

Coherent Breathing

Infusing Every Cell

7 Parameters in Breathwork

Combining the Yawn and the Sigh

Alternate Nostril Breathing & Playing with the Channel

Kum Nye Relaxation

The Art of Breath Holding

Fast Slow / High Low

Threshold Training

2-Phase Breathing

Reflex Points and Neutral Zones)

Active inhale-Passive exhale / Active exhale-Passive inhale

Extending the Exhale (dropping down into pause: mentally exhaling after air stops)

Exploring the Pause (comfortable, controlled, maximum)

Diamond Breath / Fountain Breath

Anti-Depression Breath

Breathing into the Six Bands of Tension

Cosmic Breathing

Six-Pointed Star Breathing

Prana Yoga / Kundalini Yoga / Kriya Yoga

Swami Rama Model: Shakti/Vayu/Karma

Sufi Breathing

Shamanic Breathing

The Practice Formula [10+10+(10×2)]

Testing, training, and strengthening the diaphragm

100 Connected Breaths (message from spirit)

Spiritual Breathing Sandwich

Guiding a Spiritual Breathing Session

3 Questions to Ask a Client

4 Dimensions of Awareness

De-reflexive Breathing

Presence, Ego, and Consciousness

The Original Rebirthing Seminar

The “5 Biggies” (plus 3)

On Beliefs (file)

Core Beliefs and Negative Thoughts

Spiritual Psychology: Thought is Creative

Analysis/Goals/Affirmations Principles

5 minutes Uncensored Thinking Process (+ – )

Processing your Personal Law (“Personal Lie”)

Affirmations for Breathworkers (file)

101 Affirmation Modes (file)

Guiding a Conscious Connected Breathing Session

3 Breathing Rhythms

Signs and symptoms during a breathing session

Coaching tips and skills… what to do if or when…

Variations on the Conscious Connected Breathing Technique

The 3 Phases of a Session

The Energy Cycle of a Session: (fire analogy)

Lessons in Trusting the Process

Rituals Before and After a Session

A Rebirthing Questionnaire

Birth Script and Ideal Birth Process

Sensitivity vs Hyper-Reactivity

Non-judgment, non-resistance, non-attachment, and non-reaction

The Art of Channeling Emotions Through the Breath

A Map of the Process

The Liberation Game: 2 against 1 game

The Lion and the Locomotive (The ideal attitude during a session)

VUCA training (PBTA) & Architectural Redirection (SLSM).

The Original Breath Energy Training (BET)

Releasing Tension and Pain and Managing Emotions

Beating Back High Blood Pressure

100 ways to use the breath: how to creatively apply Breathwork

10 favorite ideas about breathing (creating your own seminar outline)

Phil Laut’s Purpose in Life Process

7 Steps of Change (Practitioner Manual: Module 5/Lesson 4)

Phantom Limb Syndrome (vs Phantom Disease Syndrome)

Using the Breath to Say Yes

List of Feelings (wheel/chart)

List of Emotions/Feelings

3 Kinds of Anxiety (Robert Gerzon)

2 Kinds of Suffering

6 Basic Human Needs

Pranayama Yoga/Kriya Yoga/Kundalini Yoga: Shakti, Vayu, Karma)

Ken Keyes Teachings: Addictions vs Preferences, 12 Pathways, 7 Levels of Consciousness

Jim Leonard: Vivation, and The Skill of Happiness.

Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises

Zen and the Art of Breathing

Holotropic Breathwork and the Perinatal Matrices

The Buteyko Method for Asthma

The Wim Hof Method

Systema Breathing Principles

4 Stages of Learning Any Skill

Lessons from the Hero’s Journey

The canary in a coal mine

Babaji Stories and Lessons

Boats and Bridges

Breathing Mechanism as Ball & Socket Joint

Boobs and Baseball

Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Stress

Circus Mirror Analogy

Water Analogy

2-Dimensional World Analogy

Movie Theater and the Mind

Mind as a Middleman

Mind as a Rottweiler

Clues from the Aramaic Language

Lessons from The Course in Miracles

Brulé/Baskakov Process

Sergei Vsekhsvyatski Growth Model

Vernon Woolf and Holodynamics

Nathaniel Branden: The Art of Living Consciously Process

Barnet Bain’s Awakening Creativity Work

Byron Katie: “The Work”

Ken Keyes: 12 Pathways & 7 Levels of Consciousness

Binnie Dansby: Archetypal affirmations/chakras/colors

Jim Morningstar’s Body Themes in Breathwork

Tantra, Breathwork, and Shakti Malan

Miracles and Madness: Genrick and Marat

Mugged in Moscow and Ufa

This Ain’t no Dream: Military Survival Training

Lessons from Tony Robbins Date with Destiny:

Pain states provide 3 choices

How to change your state

What we can change: Emotions, Behavior, Situation

Values can be Toward and/or Away

What has been most important for you to feel/avoid X

Rules: What must happen to experience/feel X?

Powerful questions to direct thinking and creativity

The Business of Breathwork

Personal and Professional Ethics in Breathwork

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6-Month Training Schedule

On the first Tuesday of each month, the call is 2-3 hours and
every other Tuesday is 1 hour.
All the calls are recorded so that you can review them anytime.
Currently, the plan is that all the calls will be the same: 2 pm New York time.


If you want Dan’s full Practitioner/Teacher Certification, there are additional Training Modules and Lessons. For example, required and suggested reading and reporting; receiving at least 20 personal Breathing sessions; guiding at least 50 client sessions; assisting at least 2 live in-person 7-Day Training Events. (Some people may require 3 or 4 weeks of training)

 You can fulfill the in-person training requirements at Dan’s home in Mexico, or by taking part in a scheduled event somewhere in the world.  Dan may also be willing to come to your city for a week of Training, in which case you may be expected to organize a public workshop or a series of seminars.

For information about full certification, contact

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