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O2 Masters Society: VIP Member with 90-day Elite Personal Coaching


Unlock your full potential and experience the teachings of Breathwork one-on-one with Dan Brulé through our VIP O2 Masters Society where you’ll gain hands-on knowledge of all that your breathing can contribute to you becoming your truly best self.

VIP Member’s benefits are as follows:

  • Personal Evaluation and Private One-on-One Guided Breathing Session – $500 Value
  • 12 weekly Skype/Telephone Consult and Coaching – $3000 Value
  • Unlimited access to all files in the Library and Archives -a collection spanning over 30 years, including: seminar/workshop handouts; audio/video recordings and transcripts, training manuals, books, articles AND constantly growing with new files added regularly
  • Take the Online Course: 21 Lessons in the Art and Science of Breathwork$450 Value
  • Participate in the One Year Seminar Certificate Program by accessing the Monthly Webinar/Interview Series Recordings – $1188 Value
  • Take part in Live Online Events and Member Q & A and Coaching Calls – $59+ Value each
  • Receive a FREE “Day Pass” or Free “Ticket” to any Public Seminar or Workshop event – up to $150 Value
  • AND – Special Member Discounts on all Products, Services, Events & Programs.
  • FREE Lifetime Inner Circle Membership with all Member Benefits – Value $399 x how many years do you plan to live?!


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