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You can download all of these products, worth $239. for only $19.95!

NOTE : This is not a hard copy product, it is a digital download and pdf that you can print out if you like!

Tantra and Breathwork

Infuse a new level of ecstasy into your love life with a deeper understanding of how the breath relates to your sexual energy and how to use both to reach new heights of satisfaction for yourself and your partner.

Breathwork in Prana Gardens

This Breathwork Seminar and Guided Breathing Session was recorded  at Baja Bio Sana in Los Cabos, Mexico.It was transcribed and edited into this powerful resource forstudents and practitioners.

Stress Burnout and Breathwork

This seminar took place at the Woodlands Healing Spa & Center for Conscious Living outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. There is a summary and list of the principles and practices.

Breathwork and Weight Loss

This seminar was recorded at the Woodlands Healing Spa and Center for Conscious Living near Johannesburg South Africa. The seminar was “Breathwork and Weight Loss.” But as you will soon discover, it is about much more than that!.

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