Breath Mastery Fundamentals Course


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The Breath Mastery Fundamentals Program is a training with world renowned breath master, Dan Brulé.

What’s in the course?

There are 25 educational modules that were professionally filmed during a live training in Australia.

  1. Open and Expand, Relax and let Go & Breath Therapy
  2. Student Teacher Relationship & Freedom and Safety
  3. Breath Awareness & Conscious Breathing
  4. The Five Principles of Breath Therapy
  5. Breath Awareness & Conscious Breathing
  6. Sigh of Relief and Yawning
  7. Formula of Transformation
  8. The 3 Corner Stones of Breathwork
  9. Basic Series Triangle Breathing
  10. Nose & Mouth Breathing
  11. Diaphragmatic Breathing
  12. 8 Paths of Breathwork
  13. 13. 3 Questions to Ask a Client
  14. Getting Caught up on the Complexity of a Practice
  15. The Three Convergences of Breathwork
  16. Balance in your Breathing Practice
  17. Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises
  18.  Zen and the Art of Breathing
  19. Sufi Breathing
  20. Shamanic Breathing Exercise
  21. Vivation Breathing Technique
  22. The Four Dimensions of Awareness
  23. Internal Awareness
  24. Cycles and The Hero’s Journey
  25. Q&A

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