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Breath Tech began as a heartfelt idea five years ago during one of my visits to Johannesburg, South Africa. And it’s been a labor of love! I’m so grateful to my South African partners Ela Manga and Dorian Cabral, and the whole team!

The app includes over 100 high definition video lessons with yours truly, along with beautifully guided audio sessions with Dr. Ela Manga, plus written articles, and suggestions for further study.

If you have not done it yet, do it now! Download the BREATH TECH APP today!
Master the art of using your breath as a tool and a force for physical healing and personal growth, emotional regulation and psychological state management, for peak performance, spiritual development, self-empowerment, and self-liberation!

Join people of all ages, from all over the world, and from every walk of life, who have started down one of the EIGHT PATHS in Breathwork… And have begun Mastering the CORNERSTONES… the BASIC SERIES of Exercises… and the EVERYDAY BREATHING Practices…

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