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“Having been a professional combat instructor for governments, military teams, law enforcement, and civilians for over 20 years, my specialty is close-quarters knifefighting, the most demanding and intensive means of personal combat. I cannot begin to estimate the indispensable value of utilizing Dan Brule’s breathing techniques in my fighting skill development, my business, and more profoundly so, in my personal life. Being tutored by Dan Brule promises to be a positive life-improving experience for anyone of any age from any walk of life.”

– Tom Sotis, The Sotis Group

“Not a day goes by that I do not use a Dan Brulé breathing technique or exercise.”

– Don Barnes, Attorney

Dan has put in years of exhaustive and thorough study of every element of breathing… I practice some of the techniques you’re going to read about and I am an enthusiastic convert!  Never in a million years did I ever dream that being mindful of my breathing and breathing properly could make such a difference in my life… Try it and see for yourself!

-Sydney Barrows; NY Times Best Selling author of “The Mayflower Madam” and “Uncensored Sales Strategies.”

Dan Brulé has a profound understanding on how breathing affects your body, mind and spirit.

-Stig Severinsen; PHD Medicine, 4-Time World Champion Free Diver and Founder of Breatheology.

It is a fundamental part of life to breathe, so why not do it correctly? And that is exactly what Dan teaches… how to breathe in a way that lets you be the healthiest you can be, and live your life one amazing breath at a time.

-David Riklan; Founder –

I am a skeptic of nearly everything. I’ve trained with the Navy, helped an NFL player get on a team, raced Grand Prix motorcycles… all high stress environments. What works? Train. Eat. Sleep. That’s what works. But wait a second… Enter Dan Brulé and his BREATHWORK. To me THIS technology is the fourth pillar of achievement. It makes a huge difference in performance, and I am all in. Welcome to the fourth pillar, and welcome Dan as your coach.

-Oren Klaff; Founder, Intersection Capital, Author of “Pitch Anything”

Breathing our way to more consciousness. It is all here and now. Keep on trekking Brother Dan!  We are side by side on this amazing journey!

-Wim Hof; 20 time Guinness Book Record Holder, creator of the Wim Hof Method.

Dan has always shown me so much Breath Mastery and has inspired me with his commitment to the path of bringing integrative breathwork and expanded consciousness to the world… Thank you Dan!

-Judith Kravitz; author of “Breathe Deep Laugh Loudly: the Joy of Transformational Breathing”

I will be very happy when more of my students and associates contribute as much as Dan has to the enlightenment and evolution of humanity through breathwork.

-Leonard D. Orr; Founder of the Rebirthing Breathwork Movement, Author of “Breaking the Death Habit.”

Dan’s understanding and passion for mastery of the breath is unmatched on the planet… he has
taught and demonstrated to thousands around the world how proper breathing is the missing link to the ultimate in peak performance and self-actualization… and his unique wisdom on this is unparalleled.

-Toby Alexander, The Spiritual Mogul

Dan shares a lifetime of experience and wisdom in a way that is accessible and practical but at the same time wakes us up to the magic and mystery of the breath. He makes the simple act of breathing come alive through his passion and deep insight. He guides us to develop a conscious relationship with the breath to optimize every aspect of tour lives. What a gift!.

-Ela Manga, MD, Author of “My Energy Codes,” and Director, Woodlands Spa and Center for Conscious Living, South Africa

Dan is a world traveler who has presented breathwork successfully in more cultures and diverse settings than practically anyone on the planet.

-Jim Morningstar, PhD; Author of Breathing in Light and Love and The Complete Breath

Of all the experts we met… Dan was one of the most impressive! The breathing techniques and exercises he uses and his approach to breathwork were very new and revolutionary for us. Thanks to Dan, we now understand that breathing not only supplies oxygen to our body and releases carbon dioxide, but brings our mind, body and soul to an unexpected level.

-Jean-Louis Portales, inventor of the 02 Chair

“Just finished your book and have to compliment you and say thank you for the gift that has been a quantum leap on my spiritual path. I am about to start the 21 day challenge and cannot even imagine what will be revealed to me once I’ve finished this journey.”

-Stephen P

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