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Included in this free training, you will learn about (Scroll down to watch the 4 videos):

1. Purpose, Structure, and Overview of the Course

2. Professional Ethics & Standards in Breathwork

3. History and Evolution of the Breath Mastery Training

4. Eight Paths in Breathwork

5. Five Principles of Breath Therapy

6. Three Cornerstones/Pillars & The Formula for Transformation

7. Two Basic Aspects of Breathing

8. Two Core Techniques in Breathwork

9. The Sigh of Relief

10 Yawning is Yoga

11. The Triangle Breath

12. Diaphragmatic Breathing (Belly Breathing)

13. Box Breathing

14. Coherent Breathing and the Therapeutic Zone

15. Combining Movement and Breath

16. The Anti-Depression Breath

17. Circular Breathing/Connected Breathing

18. The Twenty Connected Breath Exercise

19. The Best Breathing Exercise (if you could only practice one)

20. The Breathing Mantra

21. The Full Yogic Breath

22. Combining Meditation, Movement an Imagery/Visualization

23. The Three Spaces/Paces/Intentions Protocol

24. Threshold Training

25. Drilling Down on Relaxation

26. Breathing Energy Instead of Air

27. Breathing Mechanics: A Ball & Socket Joint

28. Squeeze and Breathe

29. Horizontal Breathing

30. Infusing Every Cell with Breath-Energy and Awareness (Two Methods)

31. Kinesthetic Breathing

32. The Solar Plexus: A Key Energy Center for Breathwork Coaches.

33. Diametrical Training (What is the opposite of your favorite way to breathe?

34. Breathing and Music

35. Alternate Nostril Breathing

36. Swara Yoga and Kum Nye

37. Playing with Breath Sounds (All sound, No sound. Half sound/Half breath)

38. The Practice Formula (10+10+(10×2)

39. Doing vs Allowing

40. Masters vs Teachers

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