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Here are the dates of the 12 monthly Livecast Webinars in 2015. They are on the last Sunday of each month. (All the webinars begin at 12 Noon USA East Coast Time (New York time)

Here are the Webinar Replays:

The Neuroscience Behind Breathwork With Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, MD

Dr. Gerbarg is an Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at New York Medical College. She and her husband Dr. Richard Brown, MD, Associate Professor in Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Medicine, co-authored three award winning books:

“The Healing Power of Breath”“How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health”

“Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD”

Breathwork and Energy Management With Dr. Ela Manga

Ela is a medical doctor who specializes in a holistic approach that combines the principles of eastern philosophy, yoga, mindfulness and western medicine. She is also the leading breathworker in South Africa.

Dr. Manga works in the corporate environment as a speaker, coach, and facilitator, leading wellness workshops and events. She is a consultant to and one of the co-creators of the Energy Journey at Deloitte SA. Ela also regularly contributes to health publications including Longevity magazine and appears as a guest on various TV and radio shows.

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Optimal Breathing With Michael White

A lifetime of study and practice has taught Mike White that the best thing you can do to improve health on any level is to improve breathing. Mike is the founder of The Optimal Breathing School at He is a certified nutrition educator and a licensed massage therapist; and he has 40 years of breathwork experience. His Optimal Breathing Development Work integrates ancient teachings as well as modern science and technology. I have known Mike for over 20 years, and I consider him to be the best “breathing mechanic” on the planet. He knows how to recognize dysfunctional breathing patterns, and he knows how to fix them. He is known for taking on the toughest cases!

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Birth, Breath and Ecstatic Living With Binnie Dansby

Binnie Dansby is a gifted teacher, therapist, and healer, with over 35 years of Breathwork experience. She focuses on what is called the Source Experience. Binnie is known world wide for her work related to ecstatic birth and ecstatic living—how birth and original intimacy affect our day-to-day relationships—how these earliest memories are held in our bodies—how our relationship to the world is established and nurtured in the womb, and how the quality of our birth affects the quality or our lives, and in turn shapes the quality of society.


Dr. David O’Hare has been practicing General Medicine for over 30 years. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Marseilles, France, and he also holds a postgraduate degree in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy. He has been practicing and researching Heart Rate Variability and Breathing since 1977.

Dr. O’Hare is based in Montreal, Canada. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on Heart Resonance and Biofeedback, and he is the author of seven books on this topic, including his Best Seller “365 Heart Coherence”.

Here is the link to information about the 365 Breathing Zone Course that David is offering and that Dan raved about:

Transformational Breath with Judith Kravitz

Dr. Judith Kravitz, founder of Transformational Breath Foundation, is the author of Breathe Deep Laugh Loudly. She has devoted almost forty years to the study and practice of Breathwork.

She integrates metaphysics, Kundalini Yoga, breath analysis, sound healing, body mapping, and other healing and spiritual principles into her work. She has certified over 2000 breathwork facilitators, and trained over 300 instructors.

Judith, one of the leading female voices in the breathwork movement, completely cleared herself of throat cancer, and she is committed to holding and practicing the awareness of Miracle Consciousness.

Breathwork, Body Themes and Personality Types with Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.

The sixth Webinar in the monthly OYS series.

Breathwork as it relates to issues like: safety, abundance, control, expression, sexuality, and posture.

New insights for your own personal development and breathwork process and journey, and/or for professional practice with clients.

The connections between certain body themes and their related breathing patterns

Shared newly evolved techniques to release cognitive and emotional blockages

Spiritual Breathing
With Michael Brian Baker
Founding member of “The Breath Center”

Somewhere deep inside we know there is a better way.

“The time has come to return to a simpler way of being. It is through simplification of our lives and daily practice, that we will find unbound joy and resolve!”

This valuable teleseminar is only one example of many Information Products available for FREE to all Breath Mastery Inner Circle Members.

You are invited to take advantage of this Outrageous Offer: A Life-Time Membership For the Price of Only 1 Year!

As an Inner Circle Member, you will have full free unlimited and permanent access to a large and growing collection of Breath and Breathing materials: Books, articles, reports, recordings and transcripts, seminar notes and outlines, workshop handouts, and other training manuals. A virtual treasure trove of information documenting the modern breathwork movement.

Mindful Physiology and Applied Breathing Science With Dr. Peter Litchfield Dean of Faculty, Graduate School of Breathing Sciences

Your conscious and unconscious breathing habits affect you in profound ways, in ways you never imagined, much more so than you know, and without your realizing it.

Bad breathing habits trigger vicious circles that can stay with you for a life time, triggering unexplained symptoms and deficits year after year.

You can learn to break your bad breathing habits, replace them with good ones, and benefit enormously from aligning your breathing with respiratory reflexes.

Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Anxiety and Breathwork. With Special Guest Stig Severinsen (World Record in Breath-Holding)

The third Webinar in the monthly OYS series.

  • How is it possible to hold your breath underwater for 22 minutes?
  • What is the connection between fear, anxiety, and breathing?
  • How can Breath Control aid in healing PTSD and other conditions?
  • What do the ancient yogis and today’s elite warriors have in common?


The second official Livecast in the OYS monthly webinar series took place on Feb 22. We explored:

  • Birth trauma and the effect on breathing and the psyche
  • Spiritual enlightenment and the unconscious death urge
  • The wisdom of the body and connecting to the Source
  • Using the breath to clean and balance the energy body
  • Intuition, spiritual purification, fasting, and fire
  • The basic practice of rebirthing-breathwork
  • And much more…


The first official OYS Livecast webinar took place on Jan 25. Participants learned:

  • The Two Basic Aspects of Breathwork
  • The Two Core Exercises/Techniques in Breathwork
  • The Three Convergences in Breathwork
  • 20 Connected Breaths (bringing it all together)


An introductory webinar took place on Dec 21. Participants learned how to:

  • Use breath control to quickly relax and recover from shocks and traumas
  • Breathe in a way to lower blood pressure and improve your circulation
  • Use to relieve stress and tension with Breathing
  • Breathe to reduce pain and fear, anxiety and depression.
  • Help others to improve their health in body, mind, and spirit with breathwork

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