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Do you want to open to something higher in yourself? Use your breath. Are you ready to make room in your life for something greater? Use your breath. Are you ready to let go of something that no longer serves you, or that has been holding you back? Use your breath. Are you ready to unleash your creative powers? Use your breath!

I have taken the Art of Spiritual Breathing to over 50 countries in the past 35 years. And one of the most powerful spiritual breathing techniques that we have developed can be summed up in a breathing mantra. And that is: “Open and Expand. Relax and let Go.”

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? And it is. It also describes what naturally happens in us every time we breathe. Our diaphragm contracts and our chest expands as we inhale, then it relaxes when we let go of the exhale. We do that between 10 and 20 thousand times a day. In other words, we open and expand and relax and let go every time we breathe.

What do you need to open to? What would you like to open to: patience, compassion, discipline, courage, prosperity? More health, more love, more joy? What are you ready to let go of: criticism, self-doubt, anger, fear? A negative thought, a limiting belief, the past?

Ordinary breathing becomes a powerful spiritual practice when we add conscious intention to it. The spirit of breath is always right there, ready and willing to support us with real and powerful physical forces. All it takes is for us to bring conscious intention to this natural process we call breathing.

Over the years, I have noticed that the most spiritual people I’ve ever met have also been the most conscious; and the most conscious people I’ve ever met have also been the most spiritual. So maybe there is no difference. Maybe they are the same. To be spiritual is to be conscious, and to be conscious is to be spiritual.

One thing is for sure: a heartfelt intention powered by the breath can do wonders. It can make magic! Breathing consciously awakens powerful creative healing and energies in us. Forming an intention while focusing on the feelings of expansion and relaxation as you breathe in and out, can create rapid positive changes in your life.

We all know about the power of intention: the secret is out! But very few people have discovered, explored, or developed the power of conscious breathing to create change in their lives. If you want to attract, manifest, or create something, or if you want to free yourself of something, the spirit of breath is standing by ready to help you.

The spirit of breath is flowing through you right now. All you have to do is consciously turn to it, focus on it, and put it to work on your behalf. You can use conscious breathing to strengthen your resolve or re-ignite your passion. Breathing is an action—a primal action. You can use spiritual breathing to bring in energy from a higher source, and you can use conscious breathing to release physical, psychological, or emotional blocks.

What is your fondest dream? What is your highest aspiration? What do you need to realize, achieve, or experience? What is stopping you? What is holding you back? Practice spiritual breathing and all the doors will be opened for you. Everything will be revealed. Put the power of your breath to work for you and you will quickly find yourself well on the way to success and fulfillment!

In my soon to be published book, Just Breathe: Master Your Breath for Success in Life, Love, Business and Beyond, we will explore this practice and many others in more detail. But you can begin to apply this spiritual breathing technique right now:

As you breathe in, focus on your heart and feel yourself opening and expanding as you consciously affirm or declare your intention. Then relax and let go as you exhale, and feel yourself receiving, achieving, enjoying the fulfillment of your desires.Try it. Play with it. You will be surprised at how well and how quickly this works for you!

Good luck in your practice, and many blessings on your path!

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