De-Reflexive Breathing Initiation Workshop

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De-Reflexive Breathing is also called Krishna’s Kriya Yoga. It was passed down through the ages in a direct lineage from masters and teachers to deserving students and devotees, dating back to ancient times.

Our generation is the first to be given this practice freely and openly. Dan received this teaching directly from Babaji in 1980 as a personal practice.

He was the only Westerner to be directly initiated in this tradition and began teaching it publicly in the early 90’s at some of his advanced trainings. Now, it is available to everyone everywhere!

De-reflexive breathing addresses the root cause of violence and war. It is meant to dissolve what is called the “body identification reflex.” It is meant to free us from conflict—inner and outer, and liberate us from the illusion of separation.

This video is over an hour long.

NOTE : This is not a hard copy product, it is a digital download.