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You may have noticed that Breathwork is coming of age! It is being applied by more and more people in the fitness, sports and peak performance world, in medicine and psychotherapy, in martial arts and the military, in the creative arts and in the corporate world.

My friend Leonard Orr once said: “Breathing for healing and growth is so easy, it’s like cheating!” After over 40 years of study and practice, teaching and learning, the essence of the practice has become quite clear to me, and it explains why so many people are getting such amazing results from Breathwork.

In the first place, people who come to Breathwork have a desire and an intention to heal and grow, to improve and develop themselves in some way. Add action to that the power of intention, and the results and benefits are guaranteed!

You see, breathing is an action. It’s a primal action. Breathwork involves focusing on and consciously directing our awareness and our energy. Breathwork gives us a handle on our awareness and on our energy, and so with it, we awaken our natural inherent healing and creative powers.

Breathwork awakens heart intelligence and body intelligence. The practice connects us and aligns us with our source and with our purpose. It fuels our grand desires and helps us to manifest our heart’s deepest intentions. And for many people, it makes certain drugs and medical procedures unnecessary. It also puts a lot of therapists out of business!

The physiological effects of conscious breathing techniques are unarguable. And Breathwork allows us to manage our emotional and psychological states. Breathwork opens us to a rich and deep inner world. It helps us to access our unconscious mind, and it connects us to each other, and to the world around us in a direct and powerful way.

When you become more conscious of your breathing, you become more conscious of everything: your body and mind, your thoughts and feelings, and those of others; and it brings to light your unconscious habits and patterns.

When you take control of your breathing, you take control of yourself, your awareness and your energy. With it you can determine your results and your outcomes in life. Breathwork is nothing short of transformational! In fact, it ultimately leads us all to spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual liberation.

No wonder so many people are jumping on the bandwagon! No wonder everyone is talking about it! No wonder Breathwork is spreading like wildfire around the world! I am so honored, so grateful, and so blessed to be part of this worldwide movement!

Breathwork is the new Yoga! It is modern meditation. It’s spiritual purification. And it doesn’t really matter what style, school, method, or approach you try: there are certain basics, certain common denominators, certain fundamentals that apply.

That’s why I am so excited about the recent launch of our new Online Breath Mastery Fundamentals Course. It provides a solid body of knowledge and a set of skills that will help anyone on the path of Breath Mastery.

If you are a beginner, the course will dramatically shorten your learning curve. And if you are a seasoned practitioner, it will deepen and broaden your practice, and give you lots of coaching tools and strategies. It is like adding a whole new set of colors to an artist’s palette!

I invite you to sign up for the Course and join the growing number of people who are becoming masters of their awareness and energy, in body, mind and spirit!

To sign up, please visit:

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