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I am so pleased and so honored that you have landed here!

And I am very grateful for your confidence and support. This is an exciting opportunity to bring the message of Breathwork to the world in a big way!


Just Breathe!

is the theme of the book.

Here is a Synopsis:

“The Work offers a revolutionary approach to self-improvement and self-healing. You can now reach your peak performance, optimum health, and ultimate potential just by breathing. Written in a clear, accessible way, with super-easy to follow exercises, techniques, meditations, and stories, the Author offers us extraordinary access to the same knowledge, skills, abilities, and higher states once reserved solely for the great masters, mystics, yogis, saints, gurus, elite athletes and warriors through years of training.”

My intention is to bring together and to make available the most important things I’ve learned over the past 40 years into an educational and entertaining journey into the power and potential of breathwork—a “How To” guide to Breath Mastery.

The book will contain real life stories, practical exercises, and examples of how people use the breath for health, growth, and change in body, mind, and spirit.

If you are a breathwork practitioner, coach, or trainer, the book will give you many new tools and strategies; and if you are new to breathwork, it will shorten your learning curve by a mile and give you a solid foundation for your own practice.

The book will be in bookstores everywhere in March 28, 2017, but I’ll be giving you an early peek at some of what will be inside, and I’ll be sending you progress reports, updates, and news as we go.

By the way, to show my gratitude for your confidence and support, when you pre-order the book, you will receive some very special perks, including a Free Live Online Seminar when the book comes out!

Love and thanks,

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