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At our sessions and seminars recently, we have been focusing on the second ingredient in the Formula for Transformation and one of the cornerstones of breathwork, which is relaxation.

We have been diving deeper into our natural ability to trigger a deep sense of safety and security in the body… This is very important during a breathing session because if your body doesn’t feel safe it will not let you fly!

Just about everyone carries some tension somewhere in the body. And when our hearts and minds long to soar, any tensions in the body can act like chains and heavy weights that keep us stuck and unable to feel light and free.

Where in your body do you tend to hold tension? Why not explore those places right now?

Give yourself a big sigh of relief with the intention of letting go and relaxing. And begin to systematically explore various areas of your body where the residue of any shocks or traumas, injuries or illnesses remain as subtle bands of tension.

Start with the muscles around your eyes, forehead, temples, face, mouth, jaw, tongue, neck, and the base of your skull. Bring detailed awareness to each of these places while you consciously breathe soothing energy and relaxation into them with each breath.

Next, bring detailed awareness—focused attention—to your heart space. Breathe and relax into your shoulders, chest, ribs and back. Use your breath and your conscious intention to infuse these places with self-care and soft light.

Next, explore your stomach, abdomen, solar plexus, and diaphragm. Breathe and relax into your waist and pelvis, your tailbone, genitals, hips, thighs, and legs. Play with your breath as you bring loving awareness and deliberate relaxation to these places.

Now take your time and explore all these places again. Use a gentle connected breathing rhythm and give yourself nice sighs of relief as you connect to each muscle and joint and organ. Identify those places where you feel or imagine have a history of illness, injury, trauma, or stress.

Be patient with yourself and with your mind-body system. Be curious and enjoy the process. Nothing serious! Wiggle and squirm and gently stretch and open and loosen the various places as you relax and breathe into them.

In the same way that you can wash and massage your body, use this practice to clean and balance and nourish your body from the inside out. Deliberately generate gratitude and appreciation, and celebrate the fact that you are alive, that you can think and feel and move and breathe! And be confident that this practice will awaken your natural healing and restorative powers!

Good luck in your practice and many blessings on your path!

(Guchu Ram Singh)

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