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Celebrating the Benefits of Breathwork

By June 8, 2021March 19th, 2023No Comments

One of the biggest results or benefits of breathwork for me is how it quiets my mind and takes me to a soft place of inner silence, stillness and peace, where there is no thought, no movement, and no ego… Just pure blissful awareness!

During my recent adventure with covid, I found myself spending a lot of time in that blissful state between waking and sleeping, where my mind feels spacious and my body feels weightless.

Throughout my bout with covid, I resisted taking any drugs or medical supplements. My practice was simply to open and relax and, to be with my breathing, allowing my breath to flow, and allowing myself to flow with it.

Whenever I found myself caught up in uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, I would remind my body to relax, and I would return my attention to the breath in order to quiet my mind. Sometimes I would consciously generate thoughts and feelings of peace and comfort, which caused the breath to move or pause or change in some way.

Sometimes I would focus on counting or pacing my breath or sensing it with my whole body, which resulted in even more comfort and peace—despite the suffering! And so, once again I am celebrating the art and science of breathwork!

And I am not alone in this celebration. Here is a list of results and benefits sent to me by other breathworkers in our community. Maybe you have experienced them:

Fully embraced the importance of self-love and self-care

Greater understanding of myself and others

Feeling more connected to myself and others

Created a new way of discovery and learning

Quit smoking. Lowered my blood pressure

Eliminated several prescription medications

Cleared my anxiety and depression

Became more spiritual rather than religious

Awakened real and abiding connection to Divinity, Source, God.

Enjoying many surprising discoveries about my self

A greater sense of calmness.

A bigger comfort zone

Noticed how subtle changes accumulate into major shifts

Awakening to wonderful new parts of myself

Able to bring spiritual principles to life rather than intellectualizing and philosophizing

Ability to surrender to what is, as it is.

Greater feelings of aliveness throughout the body

Noticing more brightness in the world, more brilliance around me

Much more conscious and aware of subtle body sensations

More freedom of expression. Less psychological baggage

Relationships with family, friends, co-workers are improving

Better athletic performance

Feeling more connected to earth energy.

I can energize and calm myself

Able to deal with and alleviate pain

Increased ability to slow down, pause, and take in moments of bliss

Able to consciously respond instead of reacting

Able to interrupt dysfunctional or un-resourceful patterns

More vibrant connection to my inner world

A stronger connection to Source. Feelings of oneness

Able to anchor new information, skills, insights

Less bothered by difficult people, things, and situations

Calmer, more focused. More open to love

More flexible psychologically and emotionally

Able to easily shift to a more positive perspective

Able to look at problems in different ways, and find unique solutions

Better intuition. Expanded psychic abilities.

Bubbling up of happiness and joy

Seeing more joy and aliveness in people’s eyes

Noticing a wonderful glow around others

More loving and accepting of myself and others

Not fighting and resisting life as much

Less judgmental, less guarded

Connecting more deeply to people

A delightful sense of newness

Noticing that my presence has a real healing impact on others

With each session, there is a peeling away of layers

I am becoming more whole and freer

Helped get me through a serious life-threatening condition

Support in dealing with cancer

I am firmly set on the path of growth and self-healing

Greater ability to love and accept whatever life brings

More positive attitude. Less critical of self and others

Helps with sleep disorders

I can watch my mind

Seeing how my mind tries to change reality to match its ideas

More conscious of choices, fears, energetic blocks

Willingness to explore instead of avoid.

More able to say “yes” to life. More adventurous.

Able to observe myself in different situations instead of being lost in automatic behaviors

Seeing my own patterns more clearly

Realize how when I change, other people and my world seems to change.

Do many of these results and benefits ring true for you? I can relate to almost all of them. And I invite you to add to this list!

Love and blessings to all,

(Guchu Ram Singh)

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