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Have you ever considered joining the elite One Percent Club? No, it’s not about financial status, or athletic performance. It’s about how breath awareness and conscious breathing can lead you to optimum health and awaken your highest potential.

On average, we take about 20,000 breaths a day. What if you were to invest just 1% of those breaths and apply them toward your healing, growth, and awakening? What if you could accelerate your evolution and unlock your highest potential by using just 1% of the breaths that God or life gives you every day?

Breathing consciously 200 times a day might sound like a lot, but it’s only 1% of the breaths we’re naturally given. If you’re truly interested in your awakening and your journey towards higher consciousness, then it’s really a very small price to pay for a lifetime of benefits—maybe even eternal benefits!

So, in this month’s article, I want to explore how breath awareness and conscious breathing can be a transformative practice and offer some ideas on how to integrate it seamlessly into your daily life.

One powerful technique is synching your breath with daily activities. For example, by coordinating your breath with your footsteps during a walk – inhale on one step, exhale on the next. Or breathe in for 4 steps and breathe out for 4. This rhythmic breathing not only aligns your body and mind but also brings you more into the present moment.

Imagine the subtle but powerful impact you can have on your health and your consciousness if you practice breathing during mundane tasks, infusing each moment with intention and awareness.

Another technique involves using your breath to connect with your surroundings. When you look at something, hear something, or feel something, practice inhaling the energy behind or within those things. Breathe in the beauty of a sunset or the vibrancy of nature around you.

By consciously engaging with your breath in these moments, you harness the power of mindfulness, making each experience richer and more profound. Breathwork extends beyond guided breathing sessions and meditation; it’s about integrating conscious breathing into every aspect of your life.

Learn to observe your breath when the average person does not. By choosing to breathe consciously when others may not think to, you empower yourself to navigate life with greater ease and resilience.

In my journey to understand the “one percenters” across various fields – finance, music, medicine, sports – I discovered a common thread: their commitment to breath awareness and breath control. Take, for example, a world-renowned surgeon I met when I was at x-ray technology school in Boston in 1970.

His expertise lay not just in his surgical precision but in the conscious use of his breath in his work. This one percenter stood out because of his profound connection to the breath, which undoubtedly contributed to his exceptional skill and success.

To join the One Percent Club, start by incorporating simple yet powerful breathing exercises into your daily routine. Experiment with inhaling and exhaling in rhythm with your movements. Or pause to consciously breathe when faced with challenges.

The key is to make breath awareness and conscious breathing a habit – an integral part of your journey towards a more awakened and conscious life. Wake up to your breath as a powerful tool that, when harnessed, can lead to unparalleled growth, health, and success.

By committing just 1% of your daily breaths to your healing and growth and spiritual awakening, you can accelerate your evolution and unlock your ultimate potential! And honestly, if you are not willing to apply 1% of the breaths you are given toward your awakening, you are not interested in awakening!

Here’s a list of everyday activities along with some creative ways to link conscious breathing to enhance mindfulness and energy:

Washing Dishes:

Inhale as you pick up a dish, and exhale as you place it down. Match your breath with each movement, bringing a rhythm to the task.

Listening to Music:

Instead of tapping your foot or dancing to the music (or in addition to it) breathe in rhythm to the music. Keep the beat with your breath.

Daily Commute:

Breathe deeply at traffic lights. Inhale, hold briefly, and exhale as you resume driving. This mini meditation can ease your tensions and bring tremendous focus.


Breathe in as you feel the water pouring down onto you, and exhale as you take in the pleasure. Feel the sensations, enjoy them, and become more present.


Inhale when gathering up ingredients, and exhale when chopping or stirring. Let your breath guide the pace and rhythm of your culinary creation.

Walking or Climbing Stairs:

Match your steps with your breath. Inhale for a certain number of steps, exhale for the same. Turn a simple walk into a magical, mindful, meditative experience.

Emails/Work Tasks:

Breathe consciously before opening an email or starting a task. Inhale clarity, exhale any stress. Then give yourself a big beautiful satisfying breath when you complete a task. This helps bring focus, intention, and pleasure to your work.

Waiting in Line:

Take slow, intentional breaths. Inhale positivity, exhale impatience. Use the time to ground yourself and find peace in the moment.

Before Eating:

Pause and take a few deep breaths before each meal. This practice enhances mindful eating. Inhale gratitude for the delicious nourishment and exhale any tension or distractions that can block your enjoyment.

House Cleaning:

Inhale as you pick up an item, exhale as you put it down. Breathe in and out as you move your mop or broom. Transform mundane tasks into a meditative practice by playfully, devotionally connecting your breath to your movements.

Bedtime Routine:

Consciously inhale relaxation and deliberately exhale tension as you prepare for bed. Synch your breathing with each step in your rituals, from brushing your teeth to fluffing your pillow. Use sound and be playful. If nothing else, this will promote a more restful satisfying sleep.

Join the One Percent Club today. Turn your everyday activities into breathing meditations and embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling and awakened life!

Good luck in your practice, and many blessings on your path!

Dan (Guchu Ram Singh)
January 2024

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