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Energy Breathing—Breathing Energy

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This month we focus on the art of Energy Breathing. Leonard Orr, the Father of the Rebirthing Breathwork Movement said; “Learning to breathe energy and not just air is the secret of Rebirthing.”

Mastering the art of breathing energy is a life skill with immediate and long term–even eternal benefits! And so I’d like to help support you on your path by getting you to drill down on some of the essentials of Energy Breathing.

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Join the One Percenters!

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Have you ever considered joining the elite One Percent Club? No, it’s not about financial status, or athletic performance. It’s about how breath awareness and conscious breathing can lead you to optimum health and awaken your highest potential.

On average, we take about 20,000 breaths a day. What if you were to invest just 1% of those breaths and apply them toward your healing, growth, and awakening? What if you could accelerate your evolution and unlock your highest potential by using just 1% of the breaths that God or life gives you every day?

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Still Point Breathing

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On our recent Weekly Practitioner Coaching Call, I introduced a Spiritual Breathing Technique called “Still Point Breathing.” Like many genuine spiritual breathing practices, it came about not through intentional seeking, not from trying or effort, and not even by conscious choice.

It came to me through the Practice of Meditation, Relaxation, and CO2 Tolerance Training. It came about as a byproduct or a side effect of the practice of Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing.

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Letting Go: Revisiting the Co-Meditation Process

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I learned Co-Meditation from psychotherapist Dick Boerstler, when he visited our Growth Center in Fairhaven, Massachusetts back in 1982. He was training nurses, counselors, clergy, and hospice workers around the country. He was helping patients, and their families cope with the stress and anxiety of terminal illness. And he gave them a very beautiful and practical way to deal with their very real fears and tensions.

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Coherent Breathing and the Thoracic Pump

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This month, I’d like to share some information from the work of Stephen Elliott, author of “The New Science of Breath.” And I encourage you to dig into his work.

Stephen coined the term ‘coherent breathing’ in 2005 when he launched and Coherent breathing refers to a specific breathing method to manage our internal state and balance our autonomic nervous system.

Coherent Breathing is a rate of 5 to 6 breaths per minute. And it is practiced in conjunction with relaxing the “six bridges.” The six bridges refer to the regions of the body where dual control (conscious and unconscious) exists.

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Spiritual Breathing and the Path of Fire and Light

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This month I would like to focus on the highest benefits of Breathwork and the ultimate goal of Spiritual Breathing. Our Breathe India Tour has reawakened my original inspirations and has helped me to reconnect with the ancient roots and source of this practice.

Breathwork has finally entered the mainstream, and that is wonderful news. In fact, for me it’s a lifelong dream come true! But I am sad to say that today, many so-called elders, experts, leaders, and many people who profess to be ’breathing masters’ are not at all suited to this sacred work.

And so, one of the first things I want to say is that Spiritual Breathing and the Path of Breath Mastery is not for everyone. It is not for those who buy into or support victim mentality or indulge in spiritual materialism. It’s not for ‘wanna-be therapists’ or self-righteous, high-horse people with guru complexes. Read More

Breath Mastery: A Personal Journey

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I have been a missionary for the breath my entire life. Breathwork has always been my passion (pass-I-on), and it became my profession (profess-I-on). In fact, I have been teaching breath and breathing exercises, techniques, and meditations, for healing and growth, self-improvement and spiritual development since 1970.

I have studied every ancient and modern school, style, approach, and method there is, and I have met every living master I could find, in India, China, Europe and Russia over the last 50 years.

Whenever I heard about someone who was teaching breath, I ended up breathing down their neck or kissing their feet! So far, I have travelled to 67 countries and as a practitioner, I have had my hands on over two hundred and fifty thousand people. Read More

A Simple Approach to a Successful Breathwork Session

By Breathmastery

I have been a ‘missionary for the breath’ since I resuscitated my first patient while training as an X-Ray Technician at Boston City Hospital in 1970. I went on to certify over 5000 CPR Technicians and Instructor Trainers in a half dozen states across the US, for the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.

I practiced breath holding and taught breath control as a Medical Deep Sea Diver and an Underwater Rescue Specialist for the US Navy. In 1976, I was trained as a Rebirther and began teaching Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing for “Stress and Coping” at the University of Massachusetts. The first workshop was for Red Cross Disaster Relief Volunteers.

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Notes on the Practice and Process of Rebirthing Breathwork

By Breathmastery

This month in Our Breath Mastery Training, we have been exploring the practice and process of Rebirthing Breathwork developed by Leonard Orr.

One of the first seminars in the Rebirthing program was called the Spiritual Psychology Seminar.” A central idea in Spiritual Psychology is the idea that “Thought is Creative.”

This means we create our experience of life and reality with our conscious and unconscious mind. And the principle is simple: positive thoughts produce positive results and negative thoughts produce negative results.

We learned that as soon as we change our thoughts and beliefs, our experience of the wo Read More

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