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“Charging the Heart”

Today, let’s begin The Practice of Spiritual Breathing.

Notice that the word spirit (in Latin it is spiritus: “the animating principle of life”) forms the root of the words respiration, inspiration, expiration. It is the same in many other languages.

This is not a coincidence, it’s no accident. When you breathe, you take in not only air, but also energy: chi, ki, prana, life force, spirit…

Every breath offers us an opportunity to have a cellular experience of Divine Energy, to give ourselves a biological experience of God! Through breathing, we consciously embody our Higher Self.

What are you waiting for? Invite the Spirit of Life into your body with every breath! Consciously fill yourself with this light on the inhale, and surround yourself with it on the exhale. And see what begins to happen to the quality of your life!

Consider that every breath can be a prayer. And remember that every breath is a blessing. We live in an ocean of love. Be grateful for this, and for the amazing ability to breathe!

We can generate the energies of love and peace and joy within us when we breathe. We can also send these energies out into the world with each breath. Breathing can be an ecstatic experience, if you consciously bring this kind of sacred intention to the process.


Take your time on the inhale. Don’t rush it. Practice lengthening the inhale. See if you can open and expand beyond the physical limits of the air and your body.

When you pull the breath in, focus the inhale in the center of your chest. Breathe into your “heart chakra.” Create a sense of expansion from side to side, front to back, and top to bottom.

When you exhale, imagine that your breath-filled body is like a bubble bursting. Relax, let go, and imagine radiating your conscious intention out to the world in all directions.

When you inhale, notice what muscles you use, especially as you approach the feeling of fullness. See if you can gently pull past what feels full…

Be conscious of the “energy to effort ratio.” That is, notice how much effort you use to accomplish a big deep breath.

Many people waste too much energy, they put too much effort into breathing.

Breathe deeply but don’t use any muscles you don’t have to. Monitor your jaw, neck and shoulders while inhaling. Keep these places relaxed while you breathe. Don’t struggle. Don’t work! Don’t force!

There is a beautiful dance that can take place in you while breathing: the dance of life! Not only can you breathe the breath, but the breath can breathe you!

As you open and relax, the breath can pour into you. And as the breath pours into you, you can open and relax.

Are you breathing the breath? Or is the breath breathing you? Are you living life? Or is life living you? I hope it’s both. I hope you get delightfully lost in this dance!


When you are sitting with a client, see through the illusion of their limitations… See the powerful divine being of light that is before you! Look with seeing eyes!

When breathing with others, be your real true self, feel your connection to them, and remember to love!

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