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Becoming a Member of Breath Mastery is easy, fun and allows you to develop techniques for breathing into every area of your life. From stress, focus, weight loss, energy and many other key areas of your life that may need to be taken to the next level. Our learning modules have been developed to get you immediate feedback and on your way to mastering the breath.

If you or loved one are ready to take the next steps in unlocking the many learned techniques that have been developed by Dan Brulé over the past 40 years, then you are ready to become a Breath Master.


Upon Registration you will be introduced immediately to Dan’s Breath Mastery Basic Teachings that will have you engaging areas of your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Additionally you will receive other key lessons, content and value that has been utilized by the many greats including Tony Robbins and more.

Online course: 21 Day Kickstart Training

Kickstart your Breath Mastery training with these 21 Lessons in the Art and Science of Breathwork. This was the first Online Course in Breathwork. Learn to use the breath as a tool for health, growth, and change in body, mind, and spirit.

The One Year Breathwork Seminar

Watch recordings of the 2015 Monthly Series of Interviews and Webinars with some of the world’s leading Breathing Teachers. Explore different schools and styles and approaches to Breathwork from the Masters.

Access to the Breath Mastery Library and Archives and the Audio-Visual Center

This is a gold mine of breath and breathing materials. It includes hundreds of articles, audio-video files, seminars transcripts and workshop handouts, even complete coach/practitioner manuals. Some files go back almost 40 years. New ones are added regularly.

Access to “The Breathing Classics”

This is a collection of rare and out of print books on breathing, some from the last century. Every one of them has been scanned page-by-page and preserved just for you!

Access to Science-Based Training Materials

Here you will find materials presented by the Graduate School of Applied Behavioral Sciences. Learn Masters and PhD level information about breathing from the some of world’s leading medical doctors and research scientists.

Free copy of Shut Up and Breathe

How to Clear Your head, Settle Your Stomach, and Calm Your Nerves Anywhere, Anytime, No Matter What! This e-book is packed with information and insights, with basic and advanced instruction and exercises.


Our current members have requested options for allowing flexibility in becoming a member of Breath Mastery. Your access to Dan Brule’s 40 years of knowledge, content and coaching of high performers and healers across the world is one click away. Select below how you would like to pay and you will be granted immediate access to the fundamentals of Breath Mastery.

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As a member you will receive Discounts on various other Programs being offered by Breath Mastery, including but not limited to:

  • Private & Corporate Coaching
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Practitioner Certification & Apprenticeship Programs
  • VIP Invites across the World with Dan Brulé
  • One to One Coaching Sessions with Dan Brulé
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