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Releasing Energy Blockages in the Body

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At our breathwork seminars, we focus on dissolving or releasing physical tensions and emotional contractions or energy blockages. We do this to promote and support our full free expression and flow of our healing and creative energies.

There are six general areas were blockages can be found in the body, and where pain or health issues often occur. They are:

1. The forehead, temples and eyes

2. The throat and jaw

3. The neck and shoulders

4. The chest and back

5. The abdomen and diaphragm

6. The pelvis and reproductive organs

We use two core techniques:

1. Conscious connected breathing (fast and full, slow and full, or fast and shallow)

2. The sigh of relief.

We also use visualization, various breath sounds, and movement.

Let’s start from the bottom and move up through the body. And then work your way back down through each area. Give yourself some quality time to really play with this process.

First, bring all your attention and your energy down into the floor of your pelvis and perineum. Send the breath down there. Breathe into that area. Move and wiggle your hips and pelvis as you breathe in and out. (Think belly dancer and hula dancer!)

Invite relaxation into that area as you move and breathe and direct attention and energy there. Breathe and relax into whatever feelings and sensations get activated, and welcome whatever emotions may arise. Don’t think. Breathe and relax and move and make sounds.

Next, bring your attention to your belly and diaphragm area. Play with different breathing patterns… rhythm, speed, volume intensity… Follow your intuition. You are finding just the right pattern to open and soften and loosen and penetrate that area with energy and awareness—and breath.

Next, breathe into the chest… Play with your entire ribcage. Expand side to side, front to back, top to bottom. Wiggle and squirm, and twist and turn, and arch and curl, as you breathe in and out continuously… Imagine making space in the ribcage… Use the breath to loosen and soften and open it.

Then, breathe into your neck and shoulders. Wiggle them, rotate them. Move your neck and shoulders in some pleasurable way… Again with the idea to get breath and energy into those spaces… Use the breath and movement to open and soften and loosen your neck and shoulders.

Next, play with your jaw and throat. Yawn and yawn again. Wiggle and stretch and loosen and relax your jaw gently. Open and soften and relax your throat. Get the breath into those places.

Finally, breathe all the way up into the top of your head. Relax your forehead and relax around your eyes… Imagine gently and lightly softening and massaging those areas from the inside out with your breath.

The idea is to visit each of the areas with your awareness, with the breath, and with soothing loving, healing energy.

Be creative! Bring all of your attention and your energy along with breath. Use movement and relaxation. Play with your energy and your breath. Use sound. Use intention. Penetrate each of these areas with gentle loving attention along with energy and relaxation. Open and soften each area with the breath.

Breathe your way back down through your body. Use your intuition, and “treat” those areas that you feel need it the most. You may be very surprised to discover just how much natural healing abilities we all have!

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