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Playing with the Forces in Breathwork

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One of the core techniques we master in Breathwork is the “Connected Breathing Rhythm.” It’s the Rebirthing Technique, also called Circular Breathing. The main thing is that there are no pauses or gaps between the breaths. The inhale connects to the exhale and the exhale connects to the inhale in a smooth, steady, continuous pattern. It should feel like a wheel turning.

An important feature of the Rebirthing technique is to make the inhale active and the exhale passive. In other words, we control the inhale, but we surrender on the exhale. We do the inhale, but we let the exhale happen by itself. We pull the breath in, but we allow the exhale to be reflexive. We do the inhale and the body does the exhale. Breathing like this, the inhale is generally longer than the exhale

A very useful practice is to reverse this pattern and make the exhale active and the inhale passive. In other words, we control the exhale and we surrender on the inhale. We do the exhale, but we let the inhale happen by itself. We push the breath out, but we allow the inhale to be reflexive. We do the exhale and the body does the inhale. Breathing like this, the exhale is generally longer than the inhale.

We often practice this at seminars, because doing the opposite of the Rebirthing-Breathwork pattern can give us a better feel for what we actually want to do. The contrast gives us more breath awareness and more breath control. And it allows us to better understand and to feel and really ‘get’ the core technique.

Try it now. Pull the breath in for a count of 2, 3, or 4. Then simply relax and let the exhale happen by itself. Do this for about 20 connected breaths, Feel the active force on the inhale and the passive release on the exhale.

Then turn it around. Squeeze the exhale out for a count of 2, 3, or 4. Then simply relax and let the inhale happen by itself. In other words, reverse the forces: active exhale, passive inhale. Do this for about 20 breaths, then go back to the Rebirthing-Breathwork pattern: active inhale, passive exhale for about 20 breaths.

Go back and forth like this a few times to really feel the difference between active inhale—reflexive exhale, and active exhale—reflexive inhale.

Next, equalize the forces. Make the inhale and the exhale both active and controlled. Balance them perfectly in length and force, doing both the inhale and the exhale. Do this for about 20 breaths.

Finally, let go completely and allow both inhale and exhale to be passive and reflexive. Don’t do the breathing. Let the breath come and go by itself the way it wants. Let the breath breathe you. Simply relax and feel. Let your borders dissolve. Let yourself merge with the energy of the universe, the energy of everything and everyone.

In this open relaxed state, remember what is important. Remind yourself of who and how you want to be. Radiate love and acceptance, appreciation and gratitude. Feel compassion for yourself and everyone. Celebrate your life and existence!

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