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A Simple Approach to a Successful Breathwork Session

By Breathmastery

I have been a ‘missionary for the breath’ since I resuscitated my first patient while training as an X-Ray Technician at Boston City Hospital in 1970. I went on to certify over 5000 CPR Technicians and Instructor Trainers in a half dozen states across the US, for the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.

I practiced breath holding and taught breath control as a Medical Deep Sea Diver and an Underwater Rescue Specialist for the US Navy. In 1976, I was trained as a Rebirther and began teaching Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing for “Stress and Coping” at the University of Massachusetts. The first workshop was for Red Cross Disaster Relief Volunteers.

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Notes on the Practice and Process of Rebirthing Breathwork

By Breathmastery

This month in Our Breath Mastery Training, we have been exploring the practice and process of Rebirthing Breathwork developed by Leonard Orr.

One of the first seminars in the Rebirthing program was called the Spiritual Psychology Seminar.” A central idea in Spiritual Psychology is the idea that “Thought is Creative.”

This means we create our experience of life and reality with our conscious and unconscious mind. And the principle is simple: positive thoughts produce positive results and negative thoughts produce negative results.

We learned that as soon as we change our thoughts and beliefs, our experience of the wo Read More

The Skill of Happiness

By Breathmastery

During one of our recent Online Breath Mastery Training sessions, we played with a wonderful style of Breathwork created by Jim Leonard called Vivation. I also teach this practice in the O2 Fundamentals Course. And this month, I invite you to master it.

There are a couple of very powerful concepts in Vivation. The first one is that “joy is inherent in existence.” This means that all you need to be happy is to exist. And it also means that if you are not experiencing happiness, then you must be doing something to block the natural joy that comes from simply being alive.

When it comes to emotions, most people think there are two choices: either expression or suppression. Vivation teaches us a very practical and transformational third option. And that is “Integration.” Read More

The Four Modes of Breathing

By Breathmastery

This month I’d like to share with you one of the Breathing Drills that I teach in the New 6-Month Breath Mastery Training.

This is being called my ‘Legacy Training’ because it contains the most important exercises, techniques, and meditations, and the most popular lessons, taken from all the seminars and workshops I’ve done over the past 47 years.

By the way, it’s not too late to enroll in this Online Training. In fact, because you are a Breath Mastery Subscriber, we will extend the early bird discount if you enroll in the next two weeks.  Read More

My Renewal and Re-Commitment to Breathwork

By Breathmastery

I’m a Missionary for the Breath and a teacher of Breathwork because it gives everyone with a belly button a way to eliminate or prevent an immeasurable amount of human suffering. But the main reason I teach and preach Breath Awareness and Conscious is because it is an irresistible and unavoidable calling. It is a personal mission and the main purpose of my life.Breathwork can awaken us to the truth, and to reality, and it can connect us to the source and essence of our being. It is truly transformative. It offers us a beautiful and powerful way to love and serve humanity and to support and uplift each other. It is a genuine spiritual path and a practical method of personal and planetary healing and growth.
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