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October 2018

Accessing an Ocean of Energy with Breathwork!

By Performance & Energy

Recently, we have taken the “fundamentals of breath mastery” to the high-tech, high-
performance, high-rolling, entrepreneurial world of California and Las Vegas! We also brought
the art and science of breathwork to the west coast fitness world.
The benefits of breathwork are well proven and easily experienced. Breathwork is the new
yoga! It is modern meditation! Healthy successful people who value their time appreciate how
quickly breathwork increases awareness, energy, and inner peace. Read More

Modern Techniques and Ancient Rituals

By Health & Longevity

Conscious Breathing has played a part in shamanic rituals and ancient indigenous ceremonies since the beginning of time. The breath is symbolized in many creation myths, and it is applied in many initiation rites and religious practices.

Breathworkers all over the world are now using the power of the breath to awaken inner peace and to promote world peace. Conscious breathing is being used to support healing and growth, to trigger awakening, to fuel performance, and to unlock hidden powers and dormant abilities.

Here is a good exercise to tune your instrument and to prime your system: Read More

Breathing Strength & Capacity is linked to Spiritual Strength & Capacity

By Spiritual Connectedness

I recently had the pleasure to work with a group of hockey players and coaches at Competitive Edge Skating and Strength Training in Michigan. And I’d like to share with you some of the tips and techniques we covered in the three days of work with these great young athletes.

First, a reminder of the basics: Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing. Develop the habit of paying attention to your breath while you are exercising, training, or performing. And deliberately regulate or consciously pace your breathing to meet your body’s energy demands. Read More

Feeling Into the Breath and Breathing Into Feelings

By Blog

Feelings or emotions like fear, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, doubt, and so on, are very powerful forces. When left to run wild, they can cause us to say or do things that we regret. And when held in or held back, they can fester as illness and disease. They can paralyze us or empower us. They can silence us or drive us to success.

Emotions are very healthy and natural energies. And like all energies, they are meant to flow. Feelings and emotions mean we are alive. They are not meant to be stopped, blocked, or suppressed. And they are not meant to be used as weapons to hurt ourselves or others. If we lash out or project our uncomfortable emotions, we can hurt others. If we stifle or suppress them, we can hurt ourselves. No wonder so many good people wrestle with their feelings. Read More

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