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September 2023

Spiritual Breathing and the Path of Fire and Light

By Blog

This month I would like to focus on the highest benefits of Breathwork and the ultimate goal of Spiritual Breathing. Our Breathe India Tour has reawakened my original inspirations and has helped me to reconnect with the ancient roots and source of this practice.

Breathwork has finally entered the mainstream, and that is wonderful news. In fact, for me it’s a lifelong dream come true! But I am sad to say that today, many so-called elders, experts, leaders, and many people who profess to be ’breathing masters’ are not at all suited to this sacred work.

And so, one of the first things I want to say is that Spiritual Breathing and the Path of Breath Mastery is not for everyone. It is not for those who buy into or support victim mentality or indulge in spiritual materialism. It’s not for ‘wanna-be therapists’ or self-righteous, high-horse people with guru complexes. Read More

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