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March 2023

My Renewal and Re-Commitment to Breathwork

By Breathmastery

I’m a Missionary for the Breath and a teacher of Breathwork because it gives everyone with a belly button a way to eliminate or prevent an immeasurable amount of human suffering. But the main reason I teach and preach Breath Awareness and Conscious is because it is an irresistible and unavoidable calling. It is a personal mission and the main purpose of my life.Breathwork can awaken us to the truth, and to reality, and it can connect us to the source and essence of our being. It is truly transformative. It offers us a beautiful and powerful way to love and serve humanity and to support and uplift each other. It is a genuine spiritual path and a practical method of personal and planetary healing and growth.
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Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises

By Blog


As some of you might know, in the mid 80’s, I visited Communist China to study Chi Kung (Also called Qigong) with Master Hu Bin. And I wrote a small book—a training manual—called Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises: A Brief Introduction.

Hu Bin was a perfect teacher for me because he was not only the greatest living Chi Kung Master at the time, but he was also a medical doctor and a university professor. For several years, he served as the head of the Public Health Department in Beijing. And he combined Traditional Chinese Medicine with Modern Medical Science.

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