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My Renewal and Re-Commitment to Breathwork

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I’m a Missionary for the Breath and a teacher of Breathwork because it gives everyone with a belly button a way to eliminate or prevent an immeasurable amount of human suffering. But the main reason I teach and preach Breath Awareness and Conscious is because it is an irresistible and unavoidable calling. It is a personal mission and the main purpose of my life.Breathwork can awaken us to the truth, and to reality, and it can connect us to the source and essence of our being. It is truly transformative. It offers us a beautiful and powerful way to love and serve humanity and to support and uplift each other. It is a genuine spiritual path and a practical method of personal and planetary healing and growth.

I have been one of the constant forces behind the modern Breathwork movement for 50 years, and so I celebrate the fact that it has finally made its way into the mainstream. These days it seems that everyone is jumping on the Breathwork bandwagon.

Breathing is becoming big business. It is now a legitimate career choice, an accepted therapeutic practice, and a popular healing modality. In fact, soon you will need a license to teach Breathing! This is great news but it is also concerning. I say that because it is attracting “wanna be” therapists, and others who are not at all suited for this sacred work, and sadly, by people who pretend to be compassionate for the cash in it.

In some ways, the past year has been very difficult for me, and for many others. I’ve been paying for my missteps and miscommunications, my blind spots, arrogance and unconsciousness, and my indiscretions, especially in relation to personal boundaries and professional ethics. It’s been a period of conflict and betrayal, and of anxiety and depression. But it has been a perfect opportunity for self-reflection and re-evaluation.

My mistakes have given some people a chance to get on their high horse and display their superiority and self-righteousness. And maybe some people just need to vent the fear and anger they hold and carry. I’ve learned that some people revel in creating or stirring up negative energy. And sadly, some people are simply malicious and vindictive.

Difficult times seem to bring out the best and the worst in us. And it appears that the ‘cancel culture’ is alive and well in the Breathwork world. It’s easy to hide behind a keyboard these days. I am so sorry for the hate mail and social media trolling that some of my friends, partners, practitioners and students have had to endure.

Yet it is very important to remember that our personal challenges are relatively small compared to some of the very serious problems in the world—such as poverty and starvation, ethnic conflicts and racial violence, human rights violations, natural disasters, drug wars, mass shootings in the US, and the war in the Ukraine.

We can go up and down and back and forth in our head over these problems forever. And many people are preoccupied or even obsessed with them, which keeps them stuck in painful emotions, and unable to move forward in a creative or productive way.

I am reminded of the Serenity Prayer: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

And I am also reminded of Breathwork. I have been practicing what I preach: Circular Breathing and Sighs of Relief. There is something very powerful about creating a primal order or restoring a natural flow of our energy.

The subtle vortex that is created by Circular Breathing (also called Conscious Connected Breathing), produces a force that draws in and spins off the energy of our prayers and intentions. And the merging of the inhale and the exhale helps us to transcend the level of duality and opens us to an experience oneness and wholeness.

Conscious Connected Breathing means continuous rhythmic breathing, with no pauses or gaps between the inhale and the exhale, or between the exhale and the inhale. There is a smooth seamless transition—a merging of inhale and exhale, of exhale and inhale.

If you have not mastered this practice, you owe it to yourself to do so as soon as possible! Start with practicing the 20 Connected Breath Exercise created by Leonard Orr.

And if you want to master this and many other Breathwork Exercises, Techniques and Meditations, join us on February 7 for the first call of the New Online Breath Mastery Program. The first month of training is free and open to all. I hope you will join us.

Here is the link:

By the way, one of my biggest lessons of the past few months has been the need for us to tame our lizard brain before doing any inner work or any helping or healing work.

When we come riding in on our white horse like a religious crusader with sword in hand, our inner child only sees a demon on a dragon and will run for cover—regardless of our good or loving intentions!

Wishing you much luck in your practice, and many blessings on your path,

(Guchu Ram Singh)
February 2022

Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises

By Blog


As some of you might know, in the mid 80’s, I visited Communist China to study Chi Kung (Also called Qigong) with Master Hu Bin. And I wrote a small book—a training manual—called Chinese Medical Breathing Exercises: A Brief Introduction.

Hu Bin was a perfect teacher for me because he was not only the greatest living Chi Kung Master at the time, but he was also a medical doctor and a university professor. For several years, he served as the head of the Public Health Department in Beijing. And he combined Traditional Chinese Medicine with Modern Medical Science.

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Combining Conscious Connected Breathing with Affirmations

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The use of positive affirmations is a very important part of healing and growth, and an important part of Breathwork training and the Breathwork process. Good Breathworkers are good at creating positive affirmations for themselves and their clients. And we encourage our clients to get good at creating affirmations for themselves and others.

Affirmations are meant to neutralize, dissolve, replace, or cancel any negative or limiting thoughts that we have taken on about ourselves, life, others and the world. Affirmations are like seeds that we plant in our consciousness to soothe, strengthen and uplift ourselves—in mind, body and spirit. Read More

Healthy Lungs and Healthy Humans

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For three years in a row, Breathwork has been the leading trend in wellness globally. It seems that everyone is jumping on the Breathing bandwagon these days. And I say: It’s about time! Because it’s basically impossible to be a healthy human if you are not a healthy breather!

Just about every physical, emotional, and psychological issue or problem can be linked to dysfunctional breathing habits and patterns. In fact, respiratory health and breathing capacity is one of the strongest indicators of life expectancy and longevity. And did you know that up to 60 percent of 911 ambulance calls in America’s largest cities are related to breathing disorders? Read More

The Benefits of Breath Holding

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Breath hold training is a big part of breath mastery. But it’s not just for breathworkers, it’s for modern yogis and extreme athletes, it’s for meditators and martial artists, for special forces, high performers, and first responders, and it’s for healers, helpers, coaches, and kids.

In fact, it’s a good practice for almost anyone with a belly button! Breath hold training helps ordinary people to cope with extraordinary changes, and to navigate everyday emotional issues, physical problems, psychological challenges, and of course, global pandemics! Read More

Developing Awareness and Aligning with Nature

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I love it when people tell me that their breath changes whenever they put their attention on it.

For most people, when they put their attention on the breath, in that moment their breath behaves differently. This is normal, and it proves that you are human!

All great teachers have said that our deepest work is on the level of consciousness, and breathwork is a perfect way to awaken, deepen, refine, purify, and expand our consciousness. Our normal everyday mode of consciousness disturbs our nature. And so we need to develop a different quality of awareness. Read More

Subtle Energy Breathing: Engaging the Throat or Cervical “Pump.”

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I recently had a wonderful conversation with Martin Jones about a spiritual breathing exercise that he calls “Holographic Breathing.”

I experience it as a “diaphragm or “pump”. In the throat. It involves what Leonard Orr called “subtle energy breathing.” It helps in the activation of the pineal gland. And it’s something that I observed happening in both BabaJi and Hu Bin from time to time.

Here’s the practice in a nutshell: Read More

Breathing Into Your Pineal Gland: A Third Eye Activation Practice

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It has been called the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Shiva, the Eye of God in the mind of man. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered it to be the supreme gland.

Descartes called it the seat of the soul. Maybe it’s what Jesus was referring to when he said: “If thine eye be single, the body will be full of light.”

The pineal gland gets its name from the pinecone, and it is shaped like one. This tiny structure sits deeply in the center of your brain, and yet it is sensitive to light—and it is especially to vibration. Read More

Breathing and Relaxing into Stress and Tension Points of the Body

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At our sessions and seminars recently, we have been focusing on the second ingredient in the Formula for Transformation and one of the cornerstones of breathwork, which is relaxation.

We have been diving deeper into our natural ability to trigger a deep sense of safety and security in the body… This is very important during a breathing session because if your body doesn’t feel safe it will not let you fly! Read More

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